Timeline of the Gallipoli Campaign

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This article presents the timeline of the Gallipoli Campaign. The period of the proper battle is considered to be 19 February 1915 to 9 January 1916; however, a number of events took place between August 1914 and January 1915 that are relevant to the battle.

Complete timeline[edit]

August 1914[edit]

October 1914[edit]

November 1914[edit]

December 1914[edit]

  • 13 – Naval operations: British submarine B11 sinks the obsolete Ottoman ironclad Mesûdiye in the straits south of Çanakkale.

January 1915[edit]

  • 13 – British War Council approves plans for a naval operation to force the Dardanelles.
  • 15 – Naval operations: French submarine Saphir is lost after running aground in the straits.

February 1915[edit]

March 1915[edit]

April 1915[edit]

May 1915[edit]

June 1915[edit]

July 1915[edit]

August 1915[edit]

September 1915[edit]

  • 12 – The 26th Infantry Battalion at ANZAC arrives as reinforcements, deployed to Taylor's Hollow.
  • 19 – Royal Newfoundland Regiment arrives as reinforcements.

October 1915[edit]

November 1915[edit]

December 1915[edit]

  • 7 – Politics: The British Cabinet orders the evacuation of Anzac and Suvla.
  • 18 – Start of final evacuation of Anzac and Suvla.
  • 20 – Evacuation of Anzac and Suvla completed before dawn.
  • 28 – Politics: The British Cabinet orders the evacuation of Helles.

January 1916[edit]

  • 7 – Helles: British garrison reduced to 19,000. Turkish assault launched along Gully Spur.
  • 9 – Helles: Last British troops depart the Gallipoli peninsula.