Timeline of the San Francisco Bay Area

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This is a timeline of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, events in the nine counties that border on the San Francisco Bay, and the bay itself.

  • An identical list of events, formatted differently, may be found here


San Andreas Fault
San Andreas Fault in the Bay Area
Mission San Jose (Ohlone) people

16th century[edit]

Drake's landing

17th century[edit]

  • Despite numerous sailing vessels traveling along the coast, no ships discover the Golden Gate and the San Francisco Bay, due to factors such as fog and ships avoiding sailing close to shore[1]

18th century[edit]

19th century[edit]

Reconstructed Fort Ross chapel
William Richardson
Bear Flag
Sam Brannan
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Ad for sea transport to the Gold Rush

 • James W. Marshall finds several flakes of gold at a lumber mill he owned in partnership John Sutter, at the bank of the South Fork of the American River, news of which quickly travels around the world (advertisement for transportation to the Gold Rush pictured, right)
 • The California Star and the Californian both cease publication in San Francisco due to losing all their staff to the California Gold Rush
 • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (pictured, left) ends the Mexican–American War, and cedes the territory of California (including the San Francisco Bay Area) to the Flag of the United States (1847-1848).svgUnited States from Mexico Mexico
 • San Francisco's population is 1,000

1983 Tadich Grill menu
Decorative sourdough bread at Boudin Bakery
Union Iron Works

 • A small coffee stand (1983 menu pictured, left) opens on Clay Street in San Francisco
 • Boudin Bakery is established in San Francisco, producing San Francisco sourdough (loaves pictured, right)
 • The Alta California begins publishing in San Francisco
 • Bayard Taylor visits San Francisco and the Gold Country, writing about the Gold Rush
 • The Niantic whaling ship is stranded by its crew on the shore of San Francisco, who desert it to join the Gold Rush
 • Irish immigrants Peter and James Donahue found Union Iron Works (pictured) in South of Market, San Francisco
 • San Francisco's population is 25,000, an increase by 2,400% from 1848's 1,000

John W. Geary
First Street, San Jose, c. 1868–1885
Capitol building, Benicia
Ida B. Wells High School
1851 hanging by the Vigilance Committee

 • The San Francisco Unified School District is established, as the first public school district in California (historic Ida B. Wells High School building pictured, right)
 • The San Francisco Committee of Vigilance is formed in response to rampant crime and corruption in the municipal government (1851 hanging pictured, left)
 • Congregation Emanu-El is chartered in San Francisco
 • A fire destroys large swaths of San Francisco

Ghirardelli ad, 1864
Wells Fargo stagecoach
Santa Clara in 1910
Oakland train depot, 1867

 • After opening a number of businesses in Peru and California, Italian chocolatier Domenico Ghirardelli imports 200 pounds of cocoa beans and establishes D. Ghirardelli & Co in San Francisco (1864 advertisement pictured, left)
 • Henry Wells and William G. Fargo establish Wells, Fargo & Company in San Francisco, a joint-stock association with an initial capitalization of $300,000, to provide express and banking services (iconic stagecoach pictured, right)
 • The city of Santa Clara is incorporated in Santa Clara County (1910 postcard pictured, right)
 • Oakland is incorporated in Alameda County (1867 painting shown, right)
 • Francis K. Shattuck, George Blake, and two partners they met in the gold fields, William Hillegass and James Leonard, lay claim to four adjoining 160-acre (0.65 km2) strips of land north of Oakland

Monarch the bear at the Academy of Sciences
Levi Strauss

 • The California Academy of Natural Sciences (modern display pictured, left) is founded in San Francisco
 • Levi Strauss & Co. is established when Levi Strauss (pictured, right) arrives from Buttenheim, Bavaria, in San Francisco to open a west coast branch of his brothers' New York dry goods business
 • Alameda County is incorporated

Mare Island Naval Shipyard, 1866
Union Ironworks shipyard, Alameda, c. 1918

 • Mare Island Naval Shipyard (pictured, left), the first United States Navy base established on the Pacific Ocean, is established in Vallejo, Solano County
 • The Mechanics' Institute Library and Chess Room is founded in San Francisco
 • The city of Alameda is incorporated in Alameda County (Alameda Works Shipyard pictured, right)

St Ignatius Church
Map of San Mateo County, 1878
Église Notre Dame Des Victoires
St. Mary's hospital after the 1906 earthquake
"Champagne Corking", by Eadweard Muybridge
Alcatraz Citadel, 1908
Nahl brothers in SF
Iconic Gump's Buddha
Jacob Schram
William "Cocktail" Boothby

 • Schramsberg Vineyards is established in Napa Valley by Jacob Schram (pictured, left)
 • The state capitol is moved from Sacramento to San Francisco, due to Flooding of the Central Valley
 • Minns Evening Normal School in San Francisco is taken over by the state and moved to San Jose as the California State Normal School
 • William Boothby (pictured, right) is born in San Francisco

Jeanty at Jack's
Mountain View Cemetery
Fairmont Hospital entrance
Bank of California
SF Chronicle logo
Interior of a rolling mill, 1855
Founder's Rock
San Mateo County History Museum, formerly the San Mateo County Courthouse
University of California logo
Damage from the Great San Francisco earthquake, in Haywards area
1884 Convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

 • An earthquake estimated at 6.3–6.7 on the moment magnitude scale hits the Bay Area, with an epicenter in the East Bay. It causes significant damage throughout the region, and comes to be known as the "Great San Francisco earthquake". (damage in the Haywards area pictured, right)
 • The Convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (pictured, right) in Oakland is established by members of the Sisters of the Holy Names from Canada
 • The University of California (logo pictured, left) is established in Berkeley, along with the first campus in the system, the University of California, Berkeley
 • Santa Rosa in Sonoma County is incorporated
 • Vallejo in Solano County is incorporated
 • Bret Harte begins publishing the Overland Monthly in San Francisco
 • The Guittard Chocolate Company is founded in San Francisco

Meek Mansion
Hermes Avitor Jr. replica
Aerial photo of San Francisco showing Golden Gate Park
Daily Californian kiosk
Owl plaque at Bohemian Club
Hearst Gym, UC Berkeley
Early cable cars
South Hall, UC Berkeley

 • The Clay Street Hill Railroad, the first in the San Francisco cable car system (pictured, left), begins operations
 • South Hall (pictured, right) is built in Berkeley, thus becoming the new location of the University of California, Berkeley, formerly located in Oakland

Old San Francisco Mint
East Brother Island Lighthouse
Beringer Brothers historic building
Russet Burbank potatoes
Baldwin Hotel and Theatre
Frank M. Pixley, founder & editor of The Argonaut
Construction at the Conservatory of Flowers
Mark Hopkins mansion
Conservatory of Flowers in 1879
Emperor Norton in full regalia
Early MJB Coffee building
Original building at Cresta Blanca Winery
Victorian house at Concannon
Charles Norton Felton
Exterior of V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena
Plaque at original site of Student's Observatory
Statue of John McLaren at Golden Gate Park
Collision of the SS City of Chester and the RMS Oceanic
James Flood Mansion, headquarters of the Pacific-Union Club
Plaque at St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Oakland Harbor Light
Roe Island Light
Stanford Quadrangle, c. 1896
Le Petit Trianon
Stanford Law School founder Benjamin Harrison
Adolph Sutro
M. H. de Young and the San Francisco Chronicle in 1885
Sutro Baths
James D. Phelan
Penicillin chemical structure, a Cutter labs product
Wong Kim Ark
Early Ferry building stereoscope, prior to the 1906 earthquake
Neptune Society Columbarium
Baldwin Hotel

 • United States v. Wong Kim Ark is decided in favor of Wong Kim Ark (pictured, left), who is thus considered a U.S. citizen
 • The San Francisco Ferry Building (pictured, right), designed by A. Page Brown, opens
 • A columbarium (pictured, right) is built at Odd Fellows Cemetery in San Francisco by Bernard J. S. Cahill, to complement an earlier columbarium built by him
 • The Baldwin Hotel (pictured, right) in San Francisco, built in 1876, burns down
 • Francis K. Shattuck dies after being knocked down by a man exiting from a train that Shattuck was attempting to board on the eponymous Shattuck Avenue

Architectural detail from the SF Teacher's College period
Political cartoon during the plague years

20th century[edit]

Phoebe Hearst
Hotel Majestic
Stanford Memorial Church
Flood Building
The "Big Four" graft prosecutors (left to right) Frances J. Heney, William J. Burns, Fremont Older and Rudolph Spreckels.
Original Bank of Pinole building
Burnham's plan for San Francisco
The City in flames

 • On April 17, Daniel Burnham delivers plans (pictured, left) for the redesign of San Francisco
 • The next day, a massive earthquake hits San Francisco, starting fires which burn much of the city to the ground. 3,000 people die during the disaster.

San Francisco Mayor Eugene Schmitz
Redwood canopy undergrowth, Muir Woods
1909 race program
Albany Hill in Albany

 • The first Portola Road Race (pictured, left) is run through Melrose in Oakland, San Leandro and Hayward, with at least 250,000 attending
 • Albany (Albany Hill pictured, right) is incorporated in Alameda County
 • Fort Ross State Historic Park is established in Sonoma County to protect Fort Ross, founded in 1812 as the southernmost point in the Russian colonization of the Americas
 • The C. H. Brown Theater opens in the Mission District, San Francisco
 • Samuel Merritt College is founded in Oakland as a hospital school of nursing
 • San Francisco Law School is founded
 • The neighborhood of Thousand Oaks, a refugee camp from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake adjacent to Albany and Berkeley, is first subdivided

current Berkeley Farms logo
Henry Hadley
Sam Wo (closed, 2013)
Newspaper account of the first race in 1912

 • The Bay to Breakers (news headline on race pictured, right) is run in San Francisco for the first time
 • Chinese restaurant Sam Wo (pictured, left. translation: "Three Harmonies Porridge and Noodles") in San Francisco's Chinatown opens
 • Sunnyvale in Santa Clara County is incorporated
 • The California Society of Etchers is founded in San Francisco
 • Essanay Studios opens the Essanay-West studio in Niles, at the foot of Niles Canyon

Hearst Castle detail, with faience tiles from California Faience
  • Chauncey Thomas opens The Tile Shop on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley to make and sell faience tiles (Hearst Castle tower, decorated with tiles from California Faience, pictured)
  • Dewing Park in Contra Costa County is renamed Saranap after the local inter-urban commuter rail system developer's mother, Sara Napthaly
  • John Swett, former Superintendent of the San Francisco Public Schools, and "Father of the California public school", dies
Sather Tower
Temple Sinai

 • Sather Tower (pictured, left), a campanile at the University of California, Berkeley is completed
 • Temple Sinai (pictured, right) in Oakland is completed
 • The Baby Hospital Association (organized September 1912), and the Baby Hospital Association of Alameda County (organized September 1913), establish The Children's Hospital of the East Bay in Oakland

Palace of Fine Arts
City Hall in 1921
Pavilion with the Tower of Jewels, left

 • The new Beaux-Arts style San Francisco City Hall (pictured, right) opens at the Civic Center, San Francisco
 • The Panama–Pacific International Exposition is held in San Francisco, to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal. It features the Palace of Fine Arts (pictured, left), the Tower of Jewels (pictured, right), and The San Francisco Civic Auditorium. Laura Ingalls Wilder writes about the exposition during her visit to the city that year.

Jack London in 1914
Italian style Cotto Salame
Twin Peaks Tunnell
Early vintages from Wine Country
Democratic Convention guest pass
Stanford Stadium in 1921
USS Conestoga
Huntington Hotel
Original poster for La bohème
The Berkeley Fire
Memorial Stadium in 1930

 • A large fire in Berkeley (pictured, right) consumes some 640 structures, before being extinguished by cool, humid afternoon air coming through the Golden Gate across the bay
 • Atherton is incorporated in San Mateo County
 • California Memorial Stadium (pictured, right) opens in Berkeley, as the home field for the California Golden Bears football team of the University of California, Berkeley
 • The East Bay Municipal Utility District is formed to provide water and sewage treatment services to the East Bay
 • The San Francisco Opera Ballet gives its first performance, of La bohème (pictured, left), with Queena Mario and Giovanni Martinelli, conducted by founder Gaetano Merola, at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium

Legion of Honor
Fleischhacker Pool, defunct (1979)
Replica of original Kezar Stadium entrance

 • The heated, saltwater Fleishhacker Pool in San Francisco opens (pictured, left)
 • The original Kezar Stadium in San Francisco opens (replica arch pictured, right)
 • San Carlos is incorporated in San Mateo County
 • The California Arts and Crafts Ainsley House is built in Campbell

Big Dipper at Playland
Mural detail from the Mark Hopkins
Moss Beach Distillery today
Fox Oakland Theatre
The Berkeley City Club building
Berkeley Public Library building, downtown Berkeley
Mount Diablo
War Memorial Opera House
Interior mural at Coit Tower
The Alley, today
Trader Vic's menu
Warden's notebook page on Robert Stroud
Billy club used at the strike in Seattle
Woman with a Hat, from the SFMOMA collection
Former capitol building, Benicia
1941 trolleybus model

 • The San Francisco Museum of Art opens at the War Memorial Veterans Building on Van Ness Avenue in the Civic Center (Woman with a Hat by Matisse, from the museum collection, pictured, left)
 • Benjamin Franklin Davis, grandson of the man who helped develop Levi's jeans, opens his eponymous clothing store in San Francisco
 • Benicia Capitol State Historic Park opens at the site of California's third capital building (pictured, right), where the California State Legislature convened from February 3, 1853 to February 24, 1854
 • San Francisco Junior College is established
 • Lucky Stores is founded in Alameda County
 • Trolleybuses (pictured, right) began operating in San Francisco

Commemorative coin
Berkeley Rose Garden
Opening day of the Golden Gate Bridge
Hanna-Honeycomb House
San Francisco Mint

 • The Berkeley Rose Garden (pictured, right), built with funds from the Civil Works Administration, opens to the public
 • The Golden Gate Bridge (opening day pictured, left) opens to the public
 • The Hanna–Honeycomb House (pictured, right), built by Frank Lloyd Wright at Stanford University, is completed
 • The new San Francisco Mint (pictured, right) is completed
 • Stanford Memorial Auditorium is completed
 • Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno is dedicated
 • The Malloch Building in San Francisco is completed

49 Mile Scenic Drive sign
The beach at Lake Anza

 • The 49-Mile Scenic Drive (road sign pictured, left) is created in San Francisco for the Golden Gate International Exposition by the San Francisco Down Town Association
 • Lake Anza (pictured, right) is created in Tilden Park in the Berkeley Hills

Poster from the Golden Gate International Exhibition
HP Garage
Top of the Mark

 • The Golden Gate International Exposition (poster pictured, left) opens at newly created Treasure Island
 • The Neptune Beach amusement park closes in Alameda
 • Hewlett-Packard is founded in a garage (pictured) in Palo Alto
 • Blue Shield of California is founded in San Francisco by the California Medical Association
 • Consumers' Cooperative of Berkeley opens, having formed from the Berkeley Buyers' Club, which was associated with the End Poverty in California movement
 • The Top of the Mark rooftop bar (pictured) is established at the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco
 • Nuclear scientist Ernest Lawrence at the University of California, Berkeley wins the Nobel Prize for Physics for his invention of the cyclotron

601 California Street, San Francisco
San Francisco recruiting office
Japanese American girl, waiting for transport
Travis Air Force Base
Edwin Hawkins Singers

 • The Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Base (pictured, right), near Fairfield, in Solano County, is officially activated
 • Golden Gate Park superintendent John McLaren dies
 • Edwin Hawkins is born in Oakland (Edwin Hawkins Singers pictured, left)

Fred Korematsu
Port Chicago disaster aftermath
Samuel Penfield Taylor gravesite
Alcatraz shelling damage
SRI International building
Southwest Airways plane
UC Berkeley logo
Doggie Diner head
San Francisco Boy's Chorus
Vesuvio Cafe

 • The Point Reyes Light weekly newspaper begins publishing in Marin County
 • The San Francisco Boys Chorus (pictured) is formed
 • Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences is created from the merger of the Schools of Biological Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences
 • Beat Generation hangout Vesuvio Cafe (pictured) opens in San Francisco
 • Westlake Shopping Center opens in Daly City
 • Richard Diebenkorn has his first art exhibit at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco
 • The Doggie Diner fast food restaurant opens in Oakland (later iconic doggie head pictured)

Mervyns logo
ADF regions (Western ADF in pink)
Contemporary performance at Children's Fairyland
Seaborg in lab.jpeg
Yoshida signs San Francisco Peace Treaty

 • The Treaty of San Francisco, between Japan and part of the Allied Powers, is officially signed by 48 nations at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco (signing pictured, right)
 • Stanford Industrial Park in Palo Alto is completed
 • A Trader Vic's opens in San Francisco
 • Nuclear scientist Glenn T. Seaborg (pictured, left) at the University of California, Berkeley shares the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Edwin McMillan for "discoveries in the chemistry of the transuranium elements."
 • The USS Independence is scuttled near the Farallon Islands, after being used as a target for the Operation Crossroads nuclear test at Bikini Atoll

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
City Lights
The Redwood Grove Trail (old-growth loop) in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
Ginsberg signature
Cupertino flag
Caffe Trieste interior
Half Moon Bay State Beach
Commemorative plaque to the Fairchild team
SF Giants logo
Embarcadero Freeway
Montgomery Block, 1862
Henry Coe skyline
The "Blue Cube"
SSU sign
Aerial photograph of Chabot College
Marine World show, 1970
Stanford Linear Accelerator
Contemporary BAM/PFA building
Don Edwards
Oakland Temple
Grateful Dead
Jefferson Airplane
Railing pillar with female figure, Asian Art Museum
SCA participants
Zun in shape of rhinoceros, China, 1100s–1050 BCE
Satellite photograph of the Oakland Coliseum
The original Peet's Coffee, Berkeley

 • The Love Pageant Rally is held, on the day LSD becomes illegal, in Golden Gate Park, by the creators of the San Francisco Oracle
 • The Society for Creative Anachronism (pictured) forms in Berkeley, with a parade down Telegraph Avenue
 • George Paul Miller is re-elected to California's 8th congressional district
 • The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (artifacts pictured) opens as a wing of the M. H. de Young Memorial Museum in Golden Gate Park
 • High-end clothier Wilkes Bashford opens in Union Square, San Francisco
 • The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense is formed in Oakland by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
 • Moby Grape is formed in San Francisco by Skip Spence and Matthew Katz
 • The Oakland Coliseum (pictured) opens
 • Peet's Coffee & Tea (pictured) is founded in Berkeley
 • The Print Mint begins publishing and distributing posters and underground comics in Berkeley
 • The San Francisco Bay Guardian weekly alternative newspaper is founded in San Francisco
 • The American Conservatory Theater moves to San Francisco

Human Be-In poster reprinted for the San Francisco Oracle
CCR in 1968
Rolling Stone logo
Carlos Santana in 1973

 • The Mantra-Rock Dance concert takes place at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco
 • The Human Be-In (poster artwork from magazine cover depicted, left) occurs at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, a prelude to the Summer of Love
 • The University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism is established
 • Creedence Clearwater Revival (pictured, right) is formed in El Cerrito
 • Rolling Stone magazine (current logo pictured, right) begins publishing in San Francisco
 • Santana is formed in San Francisco by Carlos Santana (pictured, right)
 • The Summer of Love comes to San Francisco

Computer mouse, based on Englebart's demo
Lawrence Hall of Science
Sentinel Building, American Zoetrope HQ
Children experimenting with vapor, Exploratorium
Logo for The Gap
San Jose Museum of Art
People's Park, Berkeley

 • The Altamont Free Concert is held at the Altamont Speedway between Tracy and Livermore
 • Advanced Micro Devices is founded in Sunnyvale
 • American Zoetrope (headquarters at the Sentinel Building pictured) is founded in San Francisco by Francis Ford Coppola
 • The Exploratorium (interior pictured) is founded in San Francisco
 • Clothing retailer The Gap (early logo pictured) is founded in San Francisco
 • The Oakland Museum of California is established
 • The San Jose Museum of Art (pictured) is established
 • A "People's Park" (pictured) is created by community activists on University of California, Berkeley property, off Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley
 • The Bank of America Center building in San Francisco is completed
 • The Occupation of Alcatraz by Native American activists begins
 • Earth Day is first proposed by John McConnell at a UNESCO conference in San Francisco
 • An unidentified person sends letters to the Vallejo Times Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The San Francisco Examiner, taking credit for two fatal shooting incidents, then sends a fourth letter to the Examiner with the salutation "Dear Editor This is the Zodiac speaking."

Berkeley Art Museum
Lupines at Annadel State Park
Tao House, Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site
Chez Panisse
Playland in San Francisco
Early model BART car
Gay Firefighters float at Gay Pride 1983
Travis Air Force Base
Patty Hearst with gun
Apple Computer's first logo
Chateau Montelena 1973

 • Five unsolved murders of young women are committed in San Mateo County
 • Apple Inc. (pictured, left) is founded in Cupertino by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne
 • Napa Valley wineries Stag's Leap Wine Cellars and Chateau Montelena (pictured, right) place best in the red and white wine categories respectively, against their traditionally first ranked French competitors, in the wine tasting that becomes known as the Judgment of Paris
 • China Camp State Park is established in San Rafael
 • Fairfield-based candy company Herman Goelitz sells their first Jelly Bellies
 • Cyra McFadden's The Serial's first installments are published in the Pacific Sun alternative newsweekly
 • Dennis Richmond becomes the lead anchor at KTVU news in Oakland, an early African American news anchor in a major US television market
 • KPIX television in San Francisco debuts a locally produced magazine program called Evening: The MTWTF Show

Dianne Feinstein
Harvey Milk

 • The San Francisco Board of Supervisors election places Dianne Feinstein (pictured, left), Harvey Milk (pictured, far right) and Dan White on the board
 • Oracle Corporation is founded in Santa Clara
 • Victoria's Secret opens its first store at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto
 • Members of the Joe Boys gang open fire at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Chinatown, in an assault on rival gang Wah Ching, leaving 5 people dead and 11 others injured, none of whom are gang members.
 • Apple Computer introduces the Apple II

Leo Ryan
SF Chronicle headline of the assassinations of Moscone and Milk
Rioters at SF City Hall
SF Mayor Dianne Feinstein
Davies Symphony Hall
Czesław Miłosz
winery directional sign, Sonoma Valley
Napa Valley winery historic marker

 • The first World Games are held in Santa Clara
 • Erhard Seminars Training in San Francisco dissolved
 • The Sonoma Valley AVA (winery directional sign pictured, left) is established
 • The Napa Valley AVA (historic marker pictured, right) is established
 • The Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary is established in coastal waters off the Golden Gate
 • Arthur Leonard Schawlow at Stanford University, along with Nicolaas Bloembergen and Kai Siegbahn, share the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work with lasers
 • 14 year old Marcy Renee Conrad is murdered in Milpitas
 • Ceratitis capitata, known commonly as the "Mediterranean fruit fly", infests the Bay Area

E-Trade San Francisco financial center
Symantec headquarters in Mountain View (2013)
Fremont Assembly
SF Mayor Dianne Feinstein
Geraldine Ferraro, with Bob Matsui, Norman Mineta and Tom Hsieh
Macintosh 128k transparency.png
Abandoned lighthouse-keeper building, Año Nuevo Island
Emeryville mudflats distant San Francisco.JPG

 • A plane heading for Buchanan Field Airport loses control and crashes into the roof of Macys, killing the pilot and two passengers, and seriously injuring 84 Christmas shoppers at the Sun Valley Mall in Concord
 • Año Nuevo State Park is established at Año Nuevo Island (pictured, left) and points in San Mateo County
 • Emeryville Crescent State Marine Reserve (pictured, right) is established
 • NeXT is founded in Redwood City by Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs, after being forced out of Apple
 • The San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl for the second time

924 Gilman
Nude woman at Baker Beach, evoking Burning Man
Santa Clara VTA logo
San Francisco Civic Center Historic District 09.jpg
Collapse of the Cypress Street Viaduct
Kezar Stadium
Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose.jpg
Remains of houses destroyed by the fire

 • The Oakland and Berkeley Hills are hit by a firestorm (damage pictured, left)
 • Frank Jordan is elected mayor of San Francisco
 • Groundbreaking ceremonies take place at the AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco (logo pictured, right)
 • San Francisco pornography and striptease club pioneer Jim Mitchell kills his brother and business partner Artie in Marin County
 • Apple Computer introduces the PowerBook line of subnotebook personal computers

Barbara Boxer
The center's exterior prepared in anticipation for the announcement of the 3rd generation iPad on March 7, 2012.
I. Magnin building in San Francisco (now Macy's)
damage from the Mount Vision fire
Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, in 2006
Herb Caen
Mayor Ron Gonzales
Elihu M. Harris Office Building
Brown in 1996
Eastine Cowner, a former waitress, works on a ship under construction at Richmond, California

21st century[edit]

2006 snowfall
Apple logo black.svg

View of the bridge looking east
Mayor Bates.jpeg

Tesla headquarters

The line of same-sex couples applying for marriage licenses, stretching for blocks around San Francisco's City Hall in February 2004

Solyndra logo.svg

Exhibit at the 2006 Maker Faire
Senator Ellen M Corbett CA10.jpg

Mayor Gavin Newsom
Elephant seals at Año Nuevo during the mating season in early February

Mervyn's former headquarters, Hayward
The fire at about 7 a.m. on October 13, 2008

Jeanty at Jack's front.JPG
Millennium Tower San Francisco.jpg

Damage from San Bruno pipeline explosion
Jean Quan
Tesla Factory interior

Occupy Oakland 99 Percent signs.jpg

Matt Cain
Novato meteorite trajectory
Chevron Refinery Fire

Oracle Team USA, 2013 America's Cup
Warren Hall, days prior to demolition
Aerial view of construction of the Tom Lantos Tunnels

 • The 2013 America's Cup (Oracle Team USA yacht pictured) is held in San Francisco Bay
 • Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashes while landing at San Francisco International Airport
 • An unofficial death certificate is issued for Jahi McMath by the Alameda County coroner
 • Andy Lopez is shot and killed by a Sonoma County sheriff's deputy
 • Warren Hall (pictured), at California State University, East Bay, is demolished by implosion
 • Graton Resort & Casino opens in Rohnert Park
 • The Russell City Energy Center goes online in Hayward
 • SFJAZZ Center (pictured) opens in San Francisco
 • The new eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge opens
 • Ordinaire, a wine bar and shop serving natural wine, opens in Oakland  • Solar Impulse begins a cross-US flight, taking off from Moffett Field in Mountain View
 • The Tom Lantos Tunnels (pictured), at Devil's Slide near Pacifica, open
 • Gilead Sciences' drug Sovaldi, for the treatment of hepatitis C, is approved by the FDA
 • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory physicist Carl Haber is awarded a MacArthur "Genius Grant"
 • San Francisco Bay is designated a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance
 • Cancer patient Miles Scott becomes Batkid for a day in San Francisco, turning it into Gotham City, with Mayor Ed Lee and others participating in the Make-A-Wish project

Mission Bay fire
Amelia Rose Earhart
Levi's Stadium, from Great America
Robin Williams
Damage from earthquake
Apple Watch
Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld 2010
William E. Moerner
SFBG logo
San Francisco Giants Cap Insignia.svg
Libby Schaaf
New Leptogorgia species
The San Francisco Twins
SS City of Rio de Janeiro

23andMe logo
Golden Gate Bridge median
Ford Research and Innovation logo
UCSF Mission Bay construction
Left to right: Ames scientists Michel Nuevo, Christopher Materese and Scott Sandford reproduce uracil, cytosine, and thymine, three key components of our hereditary material, in the laboratory
Cordell Bank and Farallones topography
SFPD insignia
Apple Watch
USS Independence in the San Francisco Bay
Stephen Curry in 2015
Next Thing Co. logo
Wragg Fire
Tesla Model X
Condor Club
Ian Murdock (2008)

Paul Kantner (1975)
The Berkeley Art Museum
Lady Gaga and the Blue Angels at Super Bowl 50
Andrew Grove
Wreck of the USS Conestoga
garlic fries at Gordon Biersch Brewing Company, originally based in San Jose
Stephen Curry
Renee Davidson Courthouse
SFMOMA, with expansion
Styrofoam pollution, Japan
Stock value of Niantic during release of Pokémon GO
Vinod Khosla
Millennium Tower, San Francisco
European grapevine moth
Colin Kaepernick
Dustin Moskovitz
Loma Fire
Nora Campos
New control tower at SFO
Kearny Street, San Francisco
Protesters against Donald Trump, San Francisco
Oakland "Ghost Ship" warehouse fire
Uber self driving car (October 2016)
Kevin Starr
Trump inauguration protest SF Jan 20 2017 23
"Bridge Together Golden Gate"
San Bruno explosion and fires, at night
Protesters at San Francisco International Airport, 2017
Representative Mike Honda speaks at a San Francisco protest of Executive_Order_13769 in February 2017
Series of Storms Battering California Tracked by NASA's AIRS Instrument
Third Street, San Francisco
Anderson Lake dam and spillway
Warm Springs BART station on opening day
The United States of America, Arthur Szyk (1945)
Robert Taylor in 2008
Customers waiting to purchase the Tesla 3 in Walnut Creek, California
Satellite image of smoke from California wildfires
Acting San Francisco Mayor London Breed
Performance art, 2016, San Francisco
Women's March, 2018
San Francisco interim Mayor Mark Farrell

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