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Times & Seasons,
An Onymous Mormon Blog
Times and Seasons.jpg
Type of site
Multi-author weblog discussing contemporary Mormon culture, thought and current events
Available in English
Created by Matt Evans, Adam Greenwood, Nathan B. Oman, and Kaimipono Wenger
Website timesandseasons.org
Launched 2003
Current status Active

Times & Seasons, An Onymous Mormon Blog (also known as Times and Seasons, and abbreviated T&S) is a multi-author weblog featuring commentary and discussion especially of contemporary Mormon culture, thought and current events.[1][2] Times and Seasons was founded in 2003 by Nathan Oman, whom podcaster John Dehlin has since termed "the godfather of the Mormon bloggernacle",[3] with Matt Evans, Adam Greenwood, and Kaimipono Wenger. The blog was named after Times and Seasons, a nineteenth-century Latter Day Saint periodical.

Media mentions[edit]

  • In an article in The Salt Lake Tribune, reporter Peggy Fletcher Stack wrote in 2004, "Kaimipono David Wenger, a New York City lawyer who regularly participates in the Mormon blog, found himself in the middle of the debate [about the Bybee memo]. 'I would personally be uncomfortable writing a memo on how the administration could legally justify torture of people, but I don't think it's against the tenets of our faith.'"[4]
  • Ross Douthat, under the headline of "Mormon beliefs" in his blog at The Atlantic, expressed the hope that a "smart Mormon...maybe a Russell Arben Fox, maybe the larger gang at Times and Seasons" could offer a comprehensive explanation of Mormon religious beliefs in relation to the ancient Americas.[5]
  • The American Conservative magazine contributing editor Daniel Larison, in a blog entry titled "More Mormons" that Larison wrote to counter an argument critical of LDS-based theoconservatism that had appeared in The New Republic, said, "Like most of his [TNR contributor Damon Linker’s] fears of takeovers by the supposedly theocratically-inclined, who are usually not theocratically-inclined at all, these fears of Salt Lake City calling the shots in the improbable event of a Romney Administration are baseless. They’re so obviously baseless that Mr. Oman [Nate Oman of Times and Seasons] wonders how it has even become an issue."
  • In a blog entry titled "Religious Identity And Republican Politics," Larison noted that "Dave Banack at Times and Seasons has a post on the implications of the failure of the Romney campaign for political cooperation among religious conservatives of different religions."[6]
  • While speaking before the Pew Forum's Faith Angle Conference in 2007, noted Mormon historian Richard Bushman identified the blog as a source of "very talky, thoughtful Mormons" who are able to speak publicly and to the media on complex religious issues.[7]
  • The Boston Phoenix, in a 2009 piece by Adam Reilly about Mormon influences on political pundit Glenn Beck, quotes Rory Swensen and mentions Swensen's joint authorship of the blog Times and Seasons.[8]
  • In an article about changes to President Boyd K. Packer's October, 2010 General Conference address, The Salt Lake Tribune reporter Peggy Fletcher Stack quotes Rory Swensen and references his post on the topic at Times and Seasons.[9]

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