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Inside Times Square

Times Square is a shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea.[1][2][3] It is one of Seoul's largest shopping malls featuring the CGV Starium, the world's largest permanent 35 mm cinema screen.[4]

Times Square panorama

Times Square mall contains a department store, a multiplex theater, a shopping mall and many restaurants. Its architectural features include plazas, terraces, water fountains and numerous gardens.[citation needed]


The new urban entertainment culture space (UELC-Urban Entertailing Lifestyle Center) in Yeongdeungpo Times Square in defending Co., Ltd. has a history of 90 years since 2006. The total construction cost 600 billion won Investment to build one of the largest shopping complex in Korea .

Times Square is one months September 16, 2009 and opened at the same time, an average 210,000 people located in danyeoga attractions such as Seoul is seonambugwon

Guiness world record listing[edit]

One of the time square shoppers, CGV Yeongdeungpo Screenplay 's super large screen' Starium 'was officially listed as the world' s largest screen fixed screen for 35mm movie screening in Guinness World Records.[5] The screen is 31.38m in length and 13.0m in length and 407.9m2 in width. However, Lotte World Mall, which opened in October 2014, lost the title of the world's biggest screen to the Superflex G, which is the auditorium of the Lotte Cinema World Tower.[6]


  • A Firm Leader of Complex Shopping Malls

Times Square features shopping and cultural facilities over a total of 300,000 square meters, by far the largest in the country. It compares favorably to any of the world’s most renowned shopping malls. The first of its kind landmark of Korea, Times Square leads the way in the country’s latest trends and lifestyles.

  • Center of Malling (A one-stop shopping complex)

Times Square houses Shinsegae Department Store (one of the most prestigious department store franchises in Korea), E-mart (the country’s oldest and largest discount store chain), CGV (the country’s largest cinema chain), Kyobo Book Store (the country’s largest book store chain), the Marriott Seoul Times Square, and two office buildings, enabling citizens to fulfill their needs for shopping, cultural activities, wedding, conventions, entertainment, dining, fitness, hotel accommodation and a variety of business, virtually all under one roof.

  • Amazing Customer (Centered Cultural Space Life-culturenomics)

Times Square brings a great number of live cultural events right before the eyes of its customers and visitors alike. The events range from monthly themed cultural performances, renowned domestic and international brand launching shows, year-end countdown party and art collections. Come and relish an exciting malling culture offered only by Times Square, ranging from autograph sessions of various celebs including K-pop stars to red carpet premieres of top-class domestic and international films.

  • Outstanding Eco-friendly Space in a Mega City (A perfect balance between natural beauty and human ingenuity)

Time Square has reserved a whopping 21% of its total land equivalent to 14,850 square meters for perfect rest in gardens, sky parks and fountain plazas that have recreated natural beauty elaborately in an urban setting. It has a galleried center with a glass ceiling enabling people to enjoy the beauty of the sky indoors at any time. Come and enjoy shopping and taste a true rest amid natural beauty.


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