Timex Computer 2048

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This article is about the Timex Computer 2048 (TC 2048). For the similarly named but different ZX Spectrum-variant prototype intended for sale in North America, see Timex Sinclair 2048 (TS 2048).
Timex Computer 2048
Timex Computer 2048
Type Home computer
Release date 1984; 32 years ago (1984)
Discontinued 1989 (1989)
Operating system Sinclair BASIC
CPU Zilog Z80A @ 3.5 MHz
Memory 48 KB

The TC 2048 or Timex Computer 2048 is a computer created by "Timex of Portugal, Lda", a branch of Timex Corporation.

It was highly compatible with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, although differences in the ROM prevented 100% compatibility.

Timex Portugal sold the TC 2048 in Portugal and Poland, where it was very successful. Also, a NTSC version was sold in Chile. This computer forms the basis of an improved Spectrum-compatible machine, the Spectrum SE.

Technical specifications[edit]


  • Zilog Z80A @ 3.50 MHz


  • 16 KB


  • 48 KB


  • Improved ULA offering additional screen modes:
    • Text: 32×24 characters (8×8 pixels, rendered in graphics mode)
    • Graphics: 256×192 pixels, 15 colours (two simultaneous colours - "attributes" - per 8×8 pixels, causing attribute clash)
    • Extended Color: 256×192 pixels, 15 colors with colour resolution of 32×192 (two simultaneous colours - "attributes" - per 1×8 pixels)
    • Dual Screen: (two 256×192 pixels screens can be placed in memory)
    • A monochrome 512×192 mode


  • Beeper (1 channel, 10 octaves and 10+ semitones via internal speaker)

[By separate purchase the Joystick/Sound Unit was available to enhance sound and provide a joystick port.]



  • External cassette tape recorder
  • 1–8 external ZX Microdrives (using ZX Interface 1)
  • Timex FDD (Floppy Disk Drive System Power Supply, Controller and Disk Drive in separate cases. 16K RAM, Timex Operating System (TOS))
  • Timex FDD3000 (Enhanced version (all in one case) of the Timex FDD but upgraded to 64K RAM & TOS with two Hitachi 3″ disk drives)

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