Timiryazevskaya (Serpukhovsko–Timiryazevskaya line)

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Moscow Metro station
Metro MSK Line9 Timiryazevskaya.jpg
Coordinates 55°49′03″N 37°34′35″E / 55.8176°N 37.5765°E / 55.8176; 37.5765Coordinates: 55°49′03″N 37°34′35″E / 55.8176°N 37.5765°E / 55.8176; 37.5765
Owned by Moskovsky Metropoliten
Line(s)  9  Serpukhovsko–Timiryazevskaya line
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Structure type deep level single-vault
Depth 63.5 metres (208 ft)
Platform levels 1
Parking No
Other information
Station code 134
Opened 1 March 1991; 27 years ago (1991-03-01)
Preceding station   Moscow Metro   Following station
toward Altufyevo
Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line
Timiryazevskaya is located in Moscow Ring Road
Moscow metro map including line 14.svg
Location within Moscow Ring Road

Timiryazevskaya (Russian: Тимиря́зевская) is a station on the Serpukhovsko–Timiryazevskaya line of the Moscow Metro. It is named after the neighboring Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. Its depth is 63.5 m; it is the only deep level single-vault type station and the third deepest in the Moscow Metro, after Park Pobedy and Fonvizinskaya. It was opened on March 7, 1991 as a part of a major northern extension of the line. It was the deepest station in Moscow Metro from 1991 until 2003 opening of Park Pobedy. Timiryazevskaya has exits to Dmitrovskoye Highway and the Timiryazevskaya station of the Savyolovo railway. The station provides transfer to commuter trains serving destinations to the north of Moscow. The western terminus of the Moscow Monorail line is located near the entrance to the station. Daily passenger flow is about 60,000.


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