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Timmy Williams
Timmy Williams.jpg
Timmy Williams at the Independent Spirit Awards in March 2010.
Born (1981-04-10) April 10, 1981 (age 36)
Watertown, South Dakota, US
Occupation Comedian, radio personality
Known for The Whitest Kids U' Know

Timmy Williams (born April 10, 1981[1] in Watertown, South Dakota) is an American comedian and radio personality. He is a member of the sketch comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U' Know, and starred in its eponymous television show.


Williams and Darren Trumeter are the only members of Whitest Kids not to attend New York's School of Visual Arts. He met and joined the group as a result of the September 11 attacks.[2] Williams and fellow Whitest Kid Sam Brown appeared as The Guardians of the Doors in an episode of the 2008 Adult Swim series Fat Guy Stuck in Internet.

Williams announces for the radio station KXLG. [3] He has performed at Keep Portland Funny.[4]


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