Timo Aaltonen

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Timo Aaltonen
Born Timo Antero Aaltonen
11 April 1969
Vehmaa, Finland
Nationality Finnish
Height 189-cm
Weight 130 kg (287 lb)

Timo Antero Aaltonen (born 11 April 1969 in Vehmaa, Southwest Finland) is a 189-cm tall Finnish shot putter who weighs 130 kg and competes for Turun Urheiluliitto, which is the same club that Paavo Nurmi ran for. He competed and won a gold medal at the 2000 European Indoor Athletics Championships with a qualifying put of 20.57 m and a final put of 20.62 m.

Aaltonen was the 13th member to be inducted into the 20 meter club after he putted the shot 20.12 m in a competition on 20 June 1998 in Kuortane, Finland.

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