Timoleon Raimondi

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Timoleon Raimondi (5 May 1827 – 27 September 1894) was the Last Prefect and First Vicar Apostolic of Hong Kong (17 November 1874).

Raimondi was born in Milan, Italy. He was the younger brother of Antonio Raimondi, a prominent naturalist who worked in Peru. Timoleon was ordained as a priest on 25 May 1850. He was appointed as prefect of Hong Kong in Hong Kong on 27 December 1868.

Raimondi was also:

  • Titular Bishop of Achantus and Hong Kong – 4 October 1874
  • Titular Bishop of Achantus – 22 November 1874

He died in Hong Kong on 27 September 1894.

Raimondi College in the Mid-levels, Hong Kong Island was named after him.


Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
(Prefecture Apostolic)
Vicar Apostolic of Hong Kong
Succeeded by
Louis Piazzoli