Timoleon Vassos

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Timoleon Vassos
Timoleon Vassos and son, Crete 1897.jpg
Timoleon Vassos with his son in Crete, 1897
Native name Τιμολέων Βάσσος or Βάσος
Born 1836
Died 1929 (aged 92–93)
Allegiance Kingdom of Greece
Service/branch Hellenic Army
Rank Major General
Wars Greco-Turkish War of 1897
Relations Vasos Mavrovouniotis (father), Major Gen. Alexandros Vasos (brother)

Timoleon Vassos or Vasos (Greek: Τιμολέων Βάσσος or Βάσος; 1836–1929) was a Greek Army officer and general. He was born in Athens in 1836, the younger son of the hero of the Greek Revolution Vasos Mavrovouniotis. He studied at the Hellenic Army Academy and continued his studies in France, before being appointed as aide de camp to King George I. In February 1897, as a Colonel, he was sent at the head of an expeditionary force to Crete to assist the local Cretan revolt against the Ottoman Empire, an act which precipitated the outbreak of the Greco-Turkish War of 1897. He eventually reached the rank of Major General and garrison commander of Athens. He died in Athens in October 1929.