Timorese Social Democratic Association

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Timorese Social Democratic Association
Associação Social-Democrata Timorense
Leader Francisco Xavier do Amaral
Founded April–May 1974
Headquarters Avenida do Direitos Humanos, Lecidere, Dili
Ideology Centrism[1][2]
Social democracy[2]
Political position Centre[1][2]
International affiliation None
Colours Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Red
Party flag
Flag of ASDT (East Timor).svg

The Timorese Social Democratic Association (Associação Social-Democrata Timorense or ASDT) is a political party in East Timor.

In the parliamentary election held on 30 August 2001, the party won 7.8% of the popular vote and 6 out of 88 seats.

Both the original ASDT of the 1970s (which became FRETILIN) and the current party of the same name are founded by ex-Timorese President Francisco Xavier do Amaral.[3]

In the June 2007 parliamentary election, the ASDT formed an alliance with the Social Democratic Party (PSD), and together they won 15.73% of the vote and 11 seats.[4]


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