Tim Ahearne

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Tim Ahearne
Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing  Great Britain
Olympic Games
Gold medal – first place 1908 London Triple jump

Timothy Joseph Ahearne (18 August 1885 – 17 December 1968) was an Irish track and field athlete who competed for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the 1908 Summer Olympics.

He was born in Dirreen, Athea, Limerick and was the older brother of Dan Ahearn, the world record holder of the triple jump from 1909-1920.

Ahearne won the gold medal in the triple jump at the 1908 Summer Olympics held in London, while representing Great Britain and Ireland (as Ireland was not recognised separately at the time by the International Olympic Committee). He finished eight in the long jump competition and also participated in the standing long jump event but his result is unknown. In the 110 metre hurdles competition he was eliminated in the semi-finals.

After his Olympic victory in 1908, Ahearne emigrated to New York in 1909, and joined the Irish American Athletic Club. He also competed for time for the rival New York Athletic Club.