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Timothy Corrigan is an interior designer with offices in Los Angeles and Paris. His firm, Timothy Corrigan, Inc. specializes in interior design and incorporates antiques into most of its projects. Some of his work is in the homes of European and Middle Eastern royalty,[1] and Hollywood celebrities.[2] Corrigan has been named one of Architectural Digest's AD100:World's Top Interior Designers and Architects.[3] He has been featured in Architectural Digest,[4] Elle Decor,[5] In Style, Traditional Home[6] Town & Country,[7] and on television internationally.[8] He has appeared[9] on HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms, HGTV’s Top Ten, LXTV’s International Open House – Paris, Extra. He was chosen to design the Architectural Digest green room at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Timothy Corrigan is the owner[10] of Chateau du Grande-Lucé, located in Le Grand-Lucé, in France's Loire Valley. The chateau and its gardens are listed as French National Landmarks.[11] His book, "An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé,[1] Rizzoli New York 2013 details Timothy's against-all-odds acquisition of the glorious 18th century wreck in dire need of repair and his subsequent painstaking restoration and decoration, bringing it back to life as a private home.

Timothy Corrigan will be designing the first fully integrated line of fabrics, trims, furniture and floor covering for F. Schumacher[12]and Patterson, Flynn & Martin, to be introduced spring 2014. His tabletop collection for the legendary Royal Limoges [2] will debut in 2014.

Prior to forming his design firm in 1996, Corrigan worked in advertising where he was president of international operations for Backer Speilvogel Bates Worldwide,[13] which later went on to become Bates Worldwide.[14]


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