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Timothy J. Anderson is a writer, classical singer, actor and composer.

Anderson graduated from the Carleton School of Journalism, and has written professionally for the stage and television.[1] He was a librettist-in-residence with the Canadian Opera Company in 1988/89 working with Denis Gougeon.[2] He was an editor with "The Books Collective" from 1994 until 2005, when it was closed.[3] In 2007, he won the inaugural BookTelevision reality TV show based on the 3-Day Novel.[4] Stage credits include performing in the original Canadian cast of Phantom of the Opera.[3] He has performed in "opera, oratorio and musicals across Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Carnegie Hall in New York".[5] He has worked extensively with theater and opera for young audiences, including "an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast for which he wrote both text and music".[6] In 2012, he wrote a play based on research into moral distress in pediatric intensive care teams; Anderson then adapted the play to film and released in 2014.[7]


  • Neurotic Erotica (poetry) Slipstream Books, 1996
  • Resisting Adonis (sci-fi thriller) Tesseract Books, 2000
    • Echoing Narcissus and Invoking Venus have been listed as forthcoming sequels.
  • I want to be your sex symbol (essay) in Biotechnological and Medical Themes in Science Fiction ed. Domna Pastourmatzi, 2002
  • "Newbie Wrangler" (short story) Tesseracts Nine from Tesseract Books and Year's Best Fantasy 6[8] eds Hartwell & Cramer for Tachyon
  • Singapore 1995 (short non-fiction) Slice Me Some Truth, eds. Armstrong & Landale,[9] 2011
  • Just Keep Breathing (play),[10] 2012
  • Just Keep Breathing (film) Idea Factory/University of Alberta,[7] 2014


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