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Timothy Jacob Jensen (born 27 April 1962) is an industrial designer and design strategist. He is the CEO, chief designer and main shareholder of Jacob Jensen Holding, which consist of Jacob Jensen Design and Jacob Jensen Brand, based in Hejlskov, Denmark. Jensen has created many designs ranging from timepieces and jewelry, housewares, furniture and kitchens, and communication equipment.[1]

Timothy Jacob Jensen
Timothy Jacob Jensen in Shanghai
Born (1962-04-27) 27 April 1962 (age 55)
Nationality Danish
Occupation Industrial Designer

Life and career[edit]

Jensen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, the son of industrial designer Jacob Jensen and Patricia Ryan. He was raised in Hejlskov in Central Jutland from the age of four.[2]

In 1978, Jensen became an apprentice in his father's studio, Jacob Jensen, which was founded in 1958 and today Scandinavia's oldest and most award-winning design consultancy. Then he served as studio chief from 1983–1985. In 1985, Jensen opened his own studio in Copenhagen but closed after 3 years in favor of a 2-year trek around the world. Upon his return, he took over his father's studio becoming the CEO in 1990.[3] For the first years as CEO, Jensen concurrently served as director and chief designer for Gaggenau from 1991–1998.[2]

Under Timothy Jacob Jensen's leadership, Jacob Jensen Design has continued to be one of the most award-winning design studio. Jacob Jensen Design's clients include ECCO, Gaggenau, B&O, Haier, LG, Panasonic, Steinways & Sons,[4] Toshiba,[5] Tommerup Kister,[6] Vertu, Volvo and GN Netcom.[7]

Both Timothy and his father have works featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.[8][9] Jensen's designs have been exhibited at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Danish Museum of Art and Design in Copenhagen, and the Museum für angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.[2]

Since 1995, Timothy Jacob Jensen has given lectures and workshops all over the world to companies, universities, professional societies, and other educational institutions, covering topics in design, aesthetics, ethics and the practical implications of beauty. He challenges our daily routines and patterns. In 2012, Timothy Jacob Jensen was appointed as the first Master of The Beijing DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA), a multi-disciplined, application-oriented higher education institution in Shanghai, China.

Collaborating with the DeTao Group, Jacob Jensen Design established its first sister studio, Jacob Jensen Design | DETAO Shanghai, offering creative services and an academic training programme. In 2014, Jacob Jensen Design established its sister studio, Jacob Jensen Design I KMUTT Bangkok, in collaboration with King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi offering a unique opportunity for young designers to gain working experience in an international operational design studio. Through practice supervised by Timothy Jacob Jensen and senior designers, apprentice designers will learn the Jacob Jensen Design method, values and thoughts, which have evolved and been refined over decades of practice.

Since the generation change in 1990, Timothy has established the JACOB JENSEN trademark and emphasised the universal potential of the design language by expanding it to a wide range of lifestyle products. The first products to bear the JACOB JENSEN brand were two wristwatches designed by Timothy Jacob Jensen in 1985: the Classic watch series, model 510 & 520. In 1986, the Museum of Modern Art in New York included the watches in its Design Study Collection. The JACOB JENSEN Classic watch series is still in production today.

Honors and awards[edit]

  • Red Dot Award, 15 times, 1993–2016[10]
  • IF Award, 33 times, 1967–2013[10]
  • ID Industrial Design, 11 times, 1969–1996[10]
  • Plus X Award, 5 times, 2006–2016[10]
  • Good Design Award, 6 times, 1985–2012[11]

Examples of Jensen's work[edit]


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