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Timothy Schmalz
ResidenceSt. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada

Timothy Schmalz is a Canadian sculptor based out of St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada. He focuses on religious figures and also has many public pieces. Schmalz is best known for his Homeless Jesus that he created in reaction to the many homeless living on the streets.[1][2] Schmalz conceives his sculptures with keen devotion to Catholicism and gives his time to each piece, sometimes taking as much as 10 years[3] forming the idea and sculpting it. Some of his works are created in series and others are single pieces. Shmalz has said, "If my sculptures are used by people as a tool to think, then I’m very happy."[3] Installments of his work have brought his visual message across the globe with Homeless Jesus having been displayed in many places including St. Peter's Basilica.[4] Schmalz participated in a public conversation: What if home is an unaffordable place? at the Indiana Landmarks Theater on November 13, 2016.[5] He was one of three individuals responding to the question moderated by Terri Jett.[6]

Homeless Jesus, designed by Schmalz.


Although best known for his Homeless Jesus, Schmalz has also created many other pieces. On October 23, 2015 a 4-metre (13 ft) tall statue commemorating Gordon Lightfoot was unveiled in Orillia.[7] The statue, Golden Leaves, features young Lightfoot playing guitar surrounded by a ring of maple leaves. The leaves each contain an image inspired by one song. Schmalz plans to sculpt each leaf and place them along the Lightfoot Trail in Orillia and make duplicates that will be placed at locations fitting for each song.[8] A leaf inspired by the song Black Day in July was revealed in Tudhope Park on July 10, 2016 as the second installment in the Gordon Lightfoot Sculpture Park.[9][10]

Schmalz also created the Canadian Veterans Memorial. Schmalz worked every Canadian Armed Forces uniform into this piece that stretches towards the sky using perspective. He also networked through the local paper asking for families to send in images of family or friends who had served in the war.[11]


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