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Timur-Malik, also spelled Temür Malik, the son of Urus Khan, was the ninth Khan of the White Horde. Early during his reign, he successfully invaded the lands of his cousin Toqtamysh. However, Toqtamysh later managed to trap and kill Timur-Malik near Qara-Tal (on the shore of the Aral Sea). Temurmalik District in Tajikstan is named for him.


Timur Malik was a son of Urus Khan, and brother of Qutlugh Buga and Toqtaqiya. He had two sons, Shadi Beg and Temür-Quthlug, both of whom became Khans of the Golden Horde. The latter of these was the khan who finally defeated Toqtamysh.[citation needed]


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