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This article is about the light rail stop. For the heavy rail station, see Tin Shui Wai Station. For the light rail stop formerly named Tin Shui Wai Terminus, see Tin Wing Stop.
Tin Shui Wai
MTR Light Rail stop
LRT Tin Shui Wai Stop.jpg
Tin Shui Wai Stop platform 2
Station location and services
Line      Light Rail 705,706,751,751P
LR code 430
District Yuen Long
Area Tin Shui Wai
LR service hours 0517-0100
Station design
Structure Ground
Platforms 3
Type of platforms Side
Opened 7 December 2003

Tin Shui Wai Stop (Chinese: 天水圍站) is a Light Rail stop and interchange station for West Rail Line. This Light Rail stop is located in Tin Shui Wai Tin Fuk Road, at the ground level of the MTR Tin Shui Wai Station.

The former Tin Shui Wai Terminus was renamed Tin Wing Stop on 1 August 2003 to avoid confusion with this Light Rail stop.

Station layout[edit]

MTR Station
West Rail Line
     West Rail Line Tin Shui Wai Station
Exit Tin Fuk Road, Public Transport Interchange
Platform 1 705 Tin Shui Wai Loop (anti-clockwise)
Platform 2 751, 751P towards Tin Yat
Platform 3 706 Tin Shui Wai Loop (clockwise)
751 towards Yau Oi
751P termination platform

Neighbouring stops[edit]

Preceding stop   MTR Light Rail   Following stop
Tin Shui Wai Circular
One-way operation
One-way operation
Tin Shui Wai Circular
towards Yau Oi
towards Tin Yat
Terminus 751P
Peak-hour services
towards Tin Yat

Feeder services[edit]

Public light bus
  • New Territories Green Minibus
    • 33: Yuen Long (Tai Fung Street) - Ha Pak Nai
    • 34: Yuen Long (Tai Fung Street) - Lau Fau Shan
    • 34A: Lau Fau Shan - Ha Tsuen
    • 35: Yuen Long (Tai Fung Street) - Sha Kiu (Tsim Bei Tsui)
    • 77: Tin Shui Wai - Lok Ma Chau (San Tin) Public Transport Interchange
Private feeder bus service


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Coordinates: 22°26′52″N 114°00′15″E / 22.44778°N 114.00417°E / 22.44778; 114.00417