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Tin Tin Daily News (Chinese:天天日報 Pinyin: Tiāntiān Rìbào) was a newspaper in Hong Kong, published between 1960 and 2000. It was founded by the Aw family, who made their fortune in pharmaceutical industry. It was the first colour-printed serious newspaper in Hong Kong - the first ever colour-printed newspaper of the region, a tabloid, was published in 1959.

Tin Tin Daily News was forced to close due to a lawsuit. Several related newspapers, Everybody's Daily News (人人日報 Pinyin: Rénrén Rìbào), Hong Kong Globe (公正報 Pinyin: Gōngzhèng Bào) and A Daily (A報), soon followed. The former survived for 12 days, while the latter two became defunct by early 2002.

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