Tin Wan

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Tin Wan (left) and Aberdeen (right)
Blue Box Factory Building (right) in Tin Wan[1]
Caritas Jockey Club Aberdeen Social Centre in Tin Wan
Shek Pai Wan Road

Tin Wan (Chinese: 田灣) is an area at the south of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It is at the west of Aberdeen and the east of Kellett Bay and Wah Fu Estate.

There is a public housing estate in the area, Tin Wan Estate (田灣邨), also named from Tin Wan.[2]


According to the Population Census in 2011, the population in Tin Wan is about 17,426. [3]


Coordinates: 22°15′05″N 114°08′59″E / 22.2514°N 114.1498°E / 22.2514; 114.1498