Tinca Stegovec

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Tinca Stegovec
Born Tinca Stegovec
(1927-04-08)April 8, 1927
Planina pri Črnomlju, Yugoslavia (present-day Slovenia)
Nationality Slovenian
Education Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana
Known for Printmaking, Wash drawing, Painting
Notable work The Call (1978) (most notable)
Movement Ljubljana Graphic School
Awards silver award in Paris for The Call

Tinca Stegovec (born April 8, 1927) is Slovenian artist, mostly printmaker and painter, and associated with the group of artists internationally known as Ljubljana Graphic School.[1]

Life and work[edit]

She is described as "highly figurative artist and a subtle observer of the world around her and interpersonal relations". Critics wrote her works are "deep personal stories, characterized by a deliberate choice of subjects and carefully selected visual means". For health reasons however she abandoned printmaking after 1988 and devoted herself to drawing and painting. A large part of her life was also teaching, travelling, journalism and translating.

She donated her entire printmaking oeuvre together with matrices and four drawings, as well as a large portion of her professional library, to the International Centre of Graphic Arts Ljubljana.[1]

Exhibitions and awards[edit]

In 1954, she had her first solo exhibition of prints and wash drawings in Ljubljana’s Small Gallery (Mala galerija).

In 1963, she received a six-month scholarship to study in Paris and decided to take up intaglio (printmaking) with Professor Stanley William Hayter in his legendary Atelier 17 studio in Paris.

In 1966, she held her first solo exhibition abroad, followed by a busy exhibiting period during which she received the Prešeren Fund Award.

In 1985, her graphic art titled "The Call" ("Klic" in Slovenian), which she created in 1978, has received a silver award in Paris.


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