Ting Shan-hsi

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Ting Shan-hsi
Born(1935-05-29)May 29, 1935
DiedNovember 22, 2009(2009-11-22) (aged 74)
Other namesEhr Yang, David Ting, Ting Shan-si, Ding Sin-saai, Ting Shang-hsi, Ting San-see, Tin Sin-se, etc.
Alma materNational School of Arts (now National Taiwan University of Arts)
Occupationfilm director, screenwriter, lyricist, planner, producer, actor
Years active1967–1989
Chang Lan (唱蘭) (m. 1966–2009)
AwardsGolden Horse Award for Best Director
1971 The Ammunition Hunters
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Erh Yang
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Ting Shan-hsi (29 May 1935 – 22 November 2009), also known by his pseudonym Erh Yang, was a Chinese filmmaker and screenwriter who directed over 50 films in Taiwan and Hong Kong, mainly in the 1970s and 1980s.



Year English title Chinese title Director Writer Notes
1966 Come Drink with Me 大醉俠 Yes Also assistant director
1967 That Man in Chang-an 幪面大俠 Yes
King Cat 七俠五義 Yes
1969 The Avenger 翠屏山 Yes Yes
Like Father, Like Son 飛賊 Yes Yes
Love Is Your Name 你的名字就是愛 Yes
Investiture of the Gods 封神榜 Yes
The Young Avengeress 十三妹 Yes
Angel of Love 愛神 Yes
1970 Hate Me Not 像霧又像花 Yes Yes
Don't Leave Me Alone 不要拋棄我 Yes Yes
Prosperous of Family 三娘教子 Yes Yes
The King and Queen 歌王歌后 Yes Yes
Million Dollar Bride 百萬新娘 Yes Yes
The Drinking Knight 乾坤大醉俠 Yes
1971 The Ghost Hill 十萬金山 Yes Yes
Husband, Wife, Maid 先生、太太、下女 Yes Yes
A Time for Lying 說謊的丈夫 Yes
The Ammunition Hunters 落鷹峽 Yes
1972 Lion's Heart 英雄膽 Yes Yes
Girls of the Night 夜女郎 Yes Yes
Showdown 天王拳 Yes Yes
The Black Enforcer 黑強制執行 Yes
Furious Slaughter 霸王拳 Yes Yes
The Fast Fists 大盜 Yes Yes
Chow Ken 秋瑾 Yes Yes
Ma Su Chen 馬素貞報兄仇 Yes Yes
1973 The Tormentor 剋星 Yes
Imperial Tomb Raiders 盜皇陵 Yes Yes
Heroes of the Underground 丁一山 Yes
The Queen Bee 人盡可夫女王蜂 Yes Yes
Knight Errant 英雄本色 Yes Yes
The Escaper 十段高手 Yes
Flight Man 馬蘭飛人 Yes Yes
Operation White Shirt 突破國際死亡線 Yes
1974 Empress Dowager's Agate Vase 刁蠻鬥風騷 Yes
Everlasting Glory 英烈千秋 Yes Yes
Blood Reincarnation 陰陽界 Yes Yes
Well of Doom 吃人井 Yes Yes
The Talent Girl 鬼馬小淘氣 Yes Yes
Whiplash 虎辮子 Yes Yes
1975 Eight Hundred Heroes 八百壯士 Yes Yes
My Wacky, Wacky World 大千世界 Yes Yes
A Chilled Spring 春天裡的秋天 Yes
Hong Kong Superman 香港超人大破摧花黨 Yes Yes
Black Alice 盲女奇緣 Yes Yes
The Seven Coffins 驅魔女 Yes Yes
1976 Spy Ring Kokuryukai 黑龍會 Yes Yes
A Queen's Ransom 鱷潭群英會 Yes Yes
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 昨夜,今夜,明夜 Yes Yes
Love in the Twilight Zone 陰陽有情天 Yes Yes
1977 The Eternal Love 永恆的愛 Yes Yes
Revenge of Kung Fu Mao 大腳娘子 Yes Yes
1978 The Wonderful Small World 小小世界妙妙妙 Yes Yes
Edge of Fury 撈家撈女撈上撈 Yes
1979 The Lovely Neighbor 我愛芳鄰 Yes Yes
No-one Can Touch Her 醉拳女刁手 Yes Yes
Upstairs and Downstairs 樓上樓下 Yes Yes
World of the Drunken Master 酒仙十八跌 Yes
1980 Magnificent 72 碧血黃花 Yes Yes
The Flying Tigers and the Kung Fu Kids 有我無敵 Yes Yes
The Crooked Profligates 浪子名花金光黨 Yes
1981 The Battle for the Republic of China 辛亥雙十 Yes Yes
A Good Man Can Bend 能屈能伸大丈夫 Yes Yes
1982 The Hades Banquet 閻王的喜宴 Yes Yes
Sailor's Love 行船人的愛 Yes
Diamond Fight 搏殺 Yes
1983 Love Don't Say Goodbye 一支小雨傘 Yes
1984 Host for a Ghost 好彩撞到你 Yes Yes
1985 Killing in the Nude 獻身 Yes
1986 The Kinmen Bombs 八二三炮戰 Yes Yes
The Story of Dr. Sun Yat-sen 國父傳 Yes Yes
Heaven Dragon, Earth Tiger 天龍地虎 Yes Yes
1987 Flag of Honor 烽火佳人 Yes Yes
1988 The Revenge Ghost of the Tree 林投姐 Yes Yes
1989 Spirit Love 飛越陰陽界 Yes Yes
Unborn Spirit 嬰靈 Yes Yes
1993 Magic Sword 將邪神劍 Yes
The Beheaded 1000 千人斬 Yes Yes
1999 Yeung Yuet Lau Story 楊月樓傳 Yes

TV series[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Director Writer Notes
1994 Justice Pao 包青天 Yes
Yang Naiwu and Little Cabbage 楊乃武與小白菜 Yes
1995 Qin Shi Huang's Lover 秦始皇的情人 Yes
1996 Dark Tales 聊齋 Yes
1997 Legend of YungChing 江湖奇俠傳 Yes
1999 Lord of Imprisonment 神捕 Yes
Princess Miaoshan 妙善公主 Yes
2013 The Patriot Yue Fei 精忠岳飛 Yes filmed after his death

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