Tini Beg

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Tini Beg
Facial Chronicle - b.07, p.461 - Tinibek enthroned.jpg
Reign 1341-1342
Predecessor Öz Beg Khan
Born Golden Horde
Died Sarai
House Borjigin
Dynasty Golden Horde
Father Öz Beg Khan
Mother Taidula Khatun
Religion Islam

Tini Beg(Te-ne bak), also known as Tinybeg, was the khan of the Golden Horde from 1341 to 1342. He succeeded from his father Öz Beg Khan, and was then followed by his brother Jani Beg.

Muslim sources claimed that he was the most favored son of Ozbeg. While fighting against Chagatai raiders on the eastern border or White Horde of Jochid ulus, he was probably murdered by his young brother Jani Beg, who was a regent.

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