Tinicum Creek (Delaware River)

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Tinicum Creek
Pushpin map showing location of Tinicum Creek
Pushpin map showing location of Tinicum Creek
Tinicum Creek
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
SourceRapp Creek, Beaver Creek
 ⁃ coordinates40°27′22.06″N 75°19′30.64″W / 40.4561278°N 75.3251778°W / 40.4561278; -75.3251778
 ⁃ elevation240 feet (73 m)
 ⁃ coordinates
40°29′12″N 75°4′4″W / 40.48667°N 75.06778°W / 40.48667; -75.06778Coordinates: 40°29′12″N 75°4′4″W / 40.48667°N 75.06778°W / 40.48667; -75.06778
 ⁃ elevation
100 feet (30 m)
Length6.44 miles (10.36 km)
Basin features
River systemDelaware River
LandmarksVan Sant Airport
BridgesGeigel Hill Road, Sheep Hole Road, Sheep Hole Road, Headquarters Road, Municipal Road, Cafferty Road, Pennsylvania Route 32 (River Road)

Tinicum Creek is a tributary of the Delaware River in Tinicum Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the United States.


Tinicum Creek was added to the Geographical Names Information System of the U.S. Geological Survey on 8 September 1979 as identification number 1209346. It is listed in the PA Gazetteer of Streams as identification number 03218. As the largest stream in the northeast corner of Bucks County north of the Tohickon Creek, it boasts a watershed of 24 square miles (62 km2) and meets its confluence at the Delaware River's 161.60 river mile.[1][2]


Tinicum Creek rises near Cauffman Hill at the merger of Beaver Creek and Rapp Creek, and meanders, but gernerally flows southeast for about 1.73 miles (2.78 km), receiving two unnamed tributaries from the left, and one from the right. It, then, abruptly turns to the northwest at the point it receives another tributary from the southeast. Then the creek meanders generally to the northeast for approximately 4.75 miles (7.64 km) until it meets its confluence with the Delaware. The stream has a total length of 6.40 miles (10.30 km), the headwaters rises at an elevation of 240 feet (73 m), and its mouth is at an elevation of 100 feet (30 m), which is a drop of 140 feet (43 m). This results in an average slope of 21.875 feet per mile (3.93 meters per kilometer).[3]


The Brunswick Formation is a sedimentary layer of rock consisting of mudstone, siltstone, and beds of green, brown, and red-brown shale. Mineralogy consists of argillite and hornfels. About 200 million years ago, magma intruded into the Brunswick and cooled quickly forming a fine grained diabase consisting of primarily labradorite and augite.[4]

Crossings and Bridges[edit]

Crossing NBI Number Length Lanes Spans Material/Design Built Reconstructed Latitude Longitude
Geigel Hill Road 47016 18 metres (59 ft) 1 1 Steel girder and floorbeam system 2011 - 40°28'48"N 75°8'54"W
Sheep Hole Road 7644 20 metres (66 ft) 2 1 Steel truss-thru 1932 1950 40°28'35.3"N 75°8'44.9"W
Sheep Hole Road 7561 19 metres (62 ft) 1 1 Steel truss-thru 1985 - 40°28'26"N 75°8'35"W
Headquarters Road 7128 24 metres (79 ft) 1 3 Continuous concrete stringer/multi-beam or grider 1919 - 40°28'14.6"N 75°8'11.96"W
Municipal Road - - - - No bridge, road passes through creek bed - - - -
Cafferty Road 7568 37 metres (121 ft) 1 2 Steel stringer/multi-beam or girder - 1978 40°28'32.3"N 75°5'58.7"W
Pennsylvania Route 32 (River Road) 6811 52 metres (171 ft) 2 4 Steel stringer/multi-beam or girder 1932 1985 40°29'8.2"N 75°4'9.46"W

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