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Lake Karangata near Tiniroto

Tiniroto is a small farming and forestry community on the “inland” road from Gisborne to Wairoa in the eastern part of the North Island of New Zealand. The population of the Tiniroto district at the 2001 New Zealand census was 2,142,[1] but the district encompasses a vast rural area and Tiniroto itself is defined as a lowly populated locality.[2]


Tiniroto is situated 61 km from Gisborne and 44 km from Wairoa on the inland road, also called Tiniroto Road. A larger road from Gisborne to Wairoa (SH2) runs more closely to the coast.

Riding along the Tiniroto Road from Gisborne one first passes the Poverty Bay Flats (or flats?). After a few km the road starts winding up, and at 24 km it passes Gentle Annie Summit. The summit rises to 360 m and gives a panoramic view of Poverty Bay and Gisborne. At 29 km lies the little community of Waerenga-o-kuri. The road bends down to the valley of Hangaroa river. At 53 km an unpaved road leads into Doneraille Park.

From Tiniroto further along the road one passes Mt. Whakapunake (961 m high) north and west. At 70 km lies Te Reinga, near the confluence of Hangaroa River and Ruakituri River. They form Te Reinga Falls. At Frasertown, 8 km from Wairoa, the Tiniroto Road connects to SH38, that comes from Rotorua, Murapara and Lake Waikaremoana.


Tiniroto means “Many Lakes (?)” in Māori. There are a number of lakes around Tiniroto that originate from landslides thousands years ago. The largest lake lies close to the village. At Hackfalls Station one finds Lake Karangata with an area of about 10 ha and Lake Kaikiore with and area of about 5 ha. There are a number of other lakes of different sizes in the surroundings. These lakes offer good fishing opportunities (for trout).


The village of Tiniroto is small. It has a primary school and it has a tavern, with overnight accommodation. The tavern is adjected to a post office.

Hackfalls Arboretum[edit]

A few kilometers from Tiniroto Bob Berry founded Hackfalls Arboretum. On about 50 ha it contains a collection of some 4000 trees.


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Coordinates: 38°46′S 177°34′E / 38.767°S 177.567°E / -38.767; 177.567