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A tinker is an itinerant tinsmith. It may also refer to:

In print[edit]

  • Tinker, a novel by Wen Spencer
  • Tinkers (novel), the debut novel by Paul Harding
  • "The Tinker", a short story from Orson Scott Card
  • Tinker, the fictional assistant to detective Sexton Blake in British comic strips and novels
  • Tinker, a minor fictional character in the Southern Victory Series novel How Few Remain by Harry Turtledove
  • Tinkers, the main protagonists of Vernor Vinge's book The Peace War
  • Tuatha'an (or Tinkers) of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time



  • Tinker (surname)
  • Tinker Hatfield (born 1952), Nike shoe designer
  • Tinker Fox (1610-1650), Parliamentarian colonel during the English Civil War, nicknamed "Tinker"
  • Tinker Juarez (born 1961), former Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racer and current mountain bike racer, nicknamed "Tinker"
  • Tinker Owens (born 1954), American former National Football League player nicknamed "Tinker"
  • The Tinkers, an alternate (and often pejorative) name for the Irish Travellers.

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