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For other uses, see Tinkle (surname) and Tinkling.
Tinkle logo.gif
Editor Rajani Thindiath
Categories Comic
Frequency Monthly
First issue 1980
Company Tinkle
Country India
Language English, Hindi, Malayalam, Assamese
Website tinkleonline.com

Tinkle is an Indian monthly magazine, published mainly in India.[1] Originally owned by the India Book House, the Tinkle brand was acquired by ACK Media in 2007.[2] The magazine contains comics, stories, puzzles, quizzes, contests and other features targeted at school children, although its readership includes many adults as well. It is published in English and syndicated in many Indian languages like Malayalam, Assamese etc.

Anant Pai, the founding editor of the magazine, is known to his readers as Uncle Pai. He has also launched the popular Amar Chitra Katha series.

The first issue was launched in April 1980. Total 622 issues have been printed so far. The magazine carries comic stories and regular columns of interest to school children. Tinkle enjoys great popularity, and has been an integral part of growing up in India in the last two decades. Characters like Suppandi and Shikari Shambu that appeared first in the pages of the magazine have nationwide recognition. Readers send more than 200 letters with stories and other features to be considered for printing in the magazine. The wholesome combination of educational and entertainment that defines Tinkle has many celebrity fans in India, including the former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. There is an official website for Tinkle, which contains puzzles and games.

Popular comics[edit]

Apart from one-off stories, Tinkle also has regular characters that appear in stand-alone fashion. Some of these characters are:

Currently on Tinkle[edit]

  • Butterfingers[3]: A clumsy boy named Amar who is fondly called "Butterfingers" by his parents, friends and teachers. He is chided for his sloppiness and laziness, but is a happy-go-lucky character who also has a presence of mind and manages to save the day despite messing up trivial stuff. (Creator: Khyrunissa A[4].; Artists: Abhijeet Kini)
  • Kalia the Crow: A friendly crow living in a forest known as 'Big Baan', Kalia is the saviour of each and every small animal in the forest. With his sharp beak, sharp brains and his friends Babloo the bear and Danti the Elephant, his enemies Chamataka the wily jackal and Doob-Doob the stupid crocodile are always outwitted of their plans to catch the rabbits Keechu and Meechu, the deer Shonar and other small animals. (Creator: Luis Fernandes; Artists: Archana Amberkar[current], C.D. Rane, Prasad Iyer, Pradeep Sathe)
  • Pyarelal: A kind villager who lives in Hastipur with his wife Lajo. He's ready to help or find solutions to any problem. (Creator: Indira Ananthakrishnan; Artists: Archana Amberkar[current], Ram Waeerkar)
  • Mopes and Purr: A detective duo who are always on the run, solving cases. (Creator Reena I Puri and Artist: Savio Mascarenhas)
  • Super Weirdos: A girl name Aisha who is always trying to find her super powers. While she searches for her powers, she stumbles on other kids of her age who have amazing but weird powers.(Artist : Abhijeet Kini )
  • Mapui Kawlim a.k.a Wingstar: A 13-year-old superhero girl from Aizawl, Mizoram. Her father, an inventor, made her rocket thrusters, iron fists, and reinforced robotic arms, with which she acquires super flight and super strength.[5][6] (Creator: Sean D′melllo)

Evergreen Stars[edit]

  • Suppandi: Probably one of the most famous character of the comic. Amuses everyone with his stupidity. (Artists: Archana Amberkar [current], Ram Waeerkar)
  • Shikari Shambu: The faint hearted well renowned hunter, ends up being lauded for everything he did not achieve. Well, wild animals keep running into self made traps as he lies unconscious before them. (Creator: Subba Rao; Artists: Savio Mascarenhas [current], Vasant Halbe)
  • Tantri the Mantri: An evil sinister mantri (minister) called Tantri tries to dethrone the king, Raja Hooja by his clever plans. The naive king who loves laddus trusts his minister more than anything in the world. The plot revolves around failure attempts of the minister as all his plans invariably backfire. This plot seems to be based on the popular Iznogoud. (Artists: Prachi Killekar [current], Savio Mascarenhas, Anand Mande, Ramanand Bhagat)

Former Franchise[edit]

  • Kapish: A clever, helpful monkey who lives in the jungle of Kadu along with his friends, Baboocha the bear, Bundila the elephant, Pintu the fawn, Motu the rabbit and Panja the eagle. His arch-enemies are Sigal the jackal, Peelu the tiger, Kesha the lion and Dopaya the hunter. Kapish has supernatural powers, which help him to extend and shrink his tail at will. This ability and his quick thinking help him save his friends from Peelu, Sigal and some hunters along with Dopaya. In some instances, he has also saved humans from being harmed, especially Ila, Dopaya's niece. This series is similar to Kalia the Crow. (Creator: Anant Pai; Artists: Mohandas)
  • Ramu and Shamu: Ramu and Shamu are two innocent identical twins having their ups and their downs as they experiment and play. Viju, a boy of their age is their constant companion. (Creator: Anant Pai; Artists: Mohandas)
  • Little Raji: Raji is a young girl who uses her cleverness to solve various problems. (Creator: Anant Pai; Artists: Sunita Kalewar)
  • The Dumbbells: The dumbbells Nattoo, Dattoo and Motu are friends who live a simple adventurous life. Their arch enemy is Damodar, who always tries to get them into trouble. (Artists: Anand Mande)
  • Raghu: A school-boy who finds it tough to please others.(Artists: Various)
  • Nasruddin Hodja: A witty man (who sometimes acts dumb) who outwits many crooks, especially Ahmed. (Artists: Ram Waeerkar, Sanjiv Waeerkar)
  • Chhotu and Lambu: As the names suggest, Lambu is tall while Chottu is short; Chottu uses his witty brain to help them and others. (Creator & Artists: Shehab)
  • Chaman Charlie: A man wearing a dhoti and an overcoat, looking just like Charlie Chaplin. This chap is very clumsy and witty, and at times courageous. (Creator & Artists: Shehab)
  • Zim Zim and Gotala: Zim Zim is the friendly demon. His main enemy is the sorcerer Gotala, who wants to capture Zim Zim in order to know the secrets of the demons, but fails every time due to Zim Zim's cleverness. (Artists: Vasant Halbe)
  • Inky and Venky: This is about two friends, Inky and Venky, who often run into traps and fumble and mumble all the way until finally they escape by sheer luck.
  • Vicky: An Alsatian dog who gets others and himself into trouble. His owners, Chumki and Bobo–two sisters have a tough time managing him. (Artists: Vasant Halbe)
  • Ajay: He is a teenager with a detective mind. He helps the police in solving many cases, especially those that involve Jhatku the rogue. (Artists: Anand Mande)
  • Uncle Anu: He appears in "Anu Club"–a science series, and is a nuclear scientist with young friends like Bharat, Vijay, Anand, Deepa, Chitra and Amar. He makes them find science interesting using experiments and tricks. (Creator: Margie Sastry; Artists: Ramanand Bhagat, Souren Roy)
  • Little Janoo: This series is a prequel franchise of the series Janoo and Wooly Woo featuring Janoo and Wooly Woo's adventures when they were young. (Artists: Savio)
  • Little Shambu: This series is a prequel franchise of the popular Tinkle series Shikari Shambu featuring Shikari Shambu's adventures when he was a kid. (Artists: Savio)
  • Junior Tantri: This series is a prequel franchise of the series Tantri the Mantri featuring Tantri and Raja Hooja's life as schoolboys when they were studying in a Gurukul. This series revolves around Tantri's every attempt to get rid of Hooja so that he can resume his school life peacefully without following Hooja like a tail, every time. (Artists: Prachi Killekar)

Tinkle Digest:Tinkle Digest is a spin-off series of the original Tinkle magazine. It contains the best stories of the previous issues of Tinkle magazine.


Rather than being just comic book characters, some of the characters from Tinkle have been made into cartoons, movies and books.

  • Suppandi Suppandi!!: a cartoon series featuring the popular tinkle toon, Suppandi, features his acts of folly. This show currently airs on Cartoon Network and Pogo, often having reruns in the same channels.
  • Shambu and the Man Eater: In November 2011, a short animated film featuring the popular tinkle toon, Shikari Shambu, was released just before the premiere of the animated film of the popular Amar Chitra Katha series, The Sons of Ram. This movie features Shambu's adventures with a man eating tiger.
  • The Butterfingers Series:[7] A series of three books (as of 21-12-2015) features the clumsy acts of the popular tinkle character, Amar Kishen aka Butterfingers, written by Khyrunnisa.A . The series of three books (Howzaat Butterfingers!, Clean Bowled, Butterfingers!, Goal, Butterfingers!) revolves around Butterfingers and his friends, Eric, Kiran and Minu and their funny, comical high school life.


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