Tinnoset Station

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Tinnoset 2004 SRS.jpg
Tinnoset Station with M/F Storegut in the background.
Location TinnosetNotodden
Coordinates 59°43′26″N 9°01′33″E / 59.72389°N 9.02583°E / 59.72389; 9.02583Coordinates: 59°43′26″N 9°01′33″E / 59.72389°N 9.02583°E / 59.72389; 9.02583
Elevation 193.5 m
Owned by Norsk Transport (–1913)
Norwegian State Railways (1913–)
Operated by Norsk Transport (–1913)
Norwegian State Railways (1913–)
Line(s) Tinnoset Line
Distance 175.12 km
Platforms 1
Connections Ferry: Tinnsjø railway ferry
Architect Thorvald Astrup
Opened August 9, 1909

Tinnoset Station (Norwegian: Tinnoset stasjon) was a railway station on Tinnoset Line located at Tinnoset in Notodden, Norway. At the station was the docks where wagons were transferred from trains to the Tinnsjø railway ferry.

The station building is built in nationally romantic style with logs, drawn by architect Thorvald Astrup. It was finished in 1908, but did not open until August 9, 1909. It remained manned until 1988, and in from January 1, 1991 the station closed after all passenger traffic closed on the Tinnoset Line, as did the freight traffic the following summer.[1][2]


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