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Tino Villanueva (born December 11, 1941, San Marcos, Texas) is an American poet and writer.[1]


In 1963, he was drafted into the United States Army, and spent two years in the Panama Canal Zone. There he became immersed in Hispanic literature, reading Rubén Darío and José Martí. He graduated from Texas State University, on the G.I. Bill, from the State University of New York with an M.A. in 1971, and from Boston University with a doctorate in Spanish in 1981. He taught at Wellesley College. Villanueva currently serves as Senior Lecturer in Spanish, Department of Romance Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University.[2][3]

In the early 1970s, Villanueva began publishing his poems a part of The Chicano Literary Renaissance. He writes in both English and Spanish, often switching between the two languages. He founded Imagine Publishers, Inc., and edited Imagine: International Chicano Poetry Journal.

His papers are held at Texas State University.[4]


  • 1994 American Book Award, for Scenes from the Movie GIANT (1993).
  • 1995 Distinguished Alumnus Award from Texas State University-San Marcos.



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