Tinta Negra Mole

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Tinta Negra Mole
Grape (Vitis)
Tinta Negra.jpg
Color of berry skinNoir
SpeciesVitis vinifera
Also calledSee list of synonyms
Pedigree parent 1Hebén
Formation of seedsComplete
Sex of flowersHermaphrodite
VIVC number7901

Tinta Negra Mole is a red Portuguese wine grape commonly used in the production of Madeira. It is the most widely planted variety on the island of Madeira and is considered the industry's "workhorse grape".

The grape produces very high yields of sweet, pale red wine.[1]


Boxo, Duhamelii, Listan Morado, Listan Negro, Listan Prieto, Molar, Mollar, Mollar De Cadiz, Mollar De Granada, Mollar De Huelva, Mollar Morado, Mollar Negro, Mollar Prieto, Mollar Sevillano, Mollar Zucari, Mollis, Mollissima, Morisca, Negra Mole, Negra Mole Tinta, Negramoll, Pascoal Gomes, Sabra Molle, Tinta Mole, Tinta Molle, Tinta Negra, Tinta Negra Mole, Tinta Sabreirinha, Tinta Sobreirinha[2]


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