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Stubble below Tinto.jpg
Tinto from the south
Highest point
Elevation711 m (2,333 ft)
Prominencec. 446 m
ListingMarilyn, Graham, Donald
Translation?Fire hill (Gaelic/Brythonic)
LocationSouth Lanarkshire, Scotland
Parent rangeSouthern Uplands
OS gridNS953344
Topo mapOS Landranger 72
Tinto from Lanark Racecourse.

Tinto is a hill in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Tinto is an outlying hill of the Southern Uplands, comprising little more than this one top, which stands on the west bank of the River Clyde, some 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) west of Biggar. The peak is also called "Tinto Tap", with the name Tinto possibly deriving from the Scottish Gaelic word teinnteach, meaning "fiery", which may refer to its ancient past as a look out beacon. Further known as the "Hill of Fire" it is also suggested[by whom?] exposed red hue felsite rock visible in many places on the hill helped gave rise to this name due the effect seen when a setting sun illuminates the hillside.

At the summit sits "Tinto Cairn" and with a diameter of 45m and a height of 6m it is one of the largest Bronze-Age round Cairns in Scotland, most of which are found at lower elevations.[1]

An old Scots children's rhyme tells of the "kist in the mist" at "Tintock tap", kist being the Scots word for "chest".

        On Tintock tap, there is a mist,
        And in that mist, there is a kist,
        And in that kist, there is a cup,
        And in that cup, there is a drap.
        Tak' up that cup, and drink that drap, that's in yon kist, on Tintock tap!

It is accessible for walking and is one of the premier locations for hanggliding and paragliding. Tinto is located near the small villages of Thankerton and Wiston.

Tinto is also the venue for one of the most popular hill running races in Scotland which is held annually in November.

Artistic Recognition[edit]

Tinto Hill was painted by John Pairman in 1841.[2]

Coordinates: 55°35′31″N 3°39′46″W / 55.59194°N 3.66288°W / 55.59194; -3.66288


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