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TinyMe 2008.1
Developer KDulcimer
OS family Unix-like
Working state EOL
Source model Open source
Latest release TinyMe 2008.1 "Droplet" / December 9, 2008 (2008-12-09)
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
Official website tinymelinux.com

TinyMe is a lightweight Unity Linux-based operating system, using the Openbox window manager. It is aimed at making the computing experience as bloat- and lag-free as possible and is well-suited to older computers, enthusiasts devoted to small/fast systems, or users who just want a minimal environment. TinyMe is comparable to other lightweight Linux distributions like Puppy Linux, TinyCore Linux, Damn Small Linux and Feather Linux.

The distribution produces two Live CD ISO images. The larger, codenamed "Acorn", is a 200 MB ISO image. The other, "Droplet", is a 150 MB ISO image. Both can be installed onto a hard drive or a USB flash drive.


The project started in November 2006. Development took place between several members of the MyPCLinuxOS website until KDulcimer took over in April 2007.[citation needed] The first stable version of TinyMe was released in May 2008. Development continued on the MyPCLinuxOS forum with other MyPCLinuxOS projects until September 2007, when the TinyMe project moved to its own subdomain of MyPCLinuxOS. In September 2008, TinyMe moved to its own site hosted off MyPCLinuxOS. Its second release was codenamed "Droplet" and released December 2008, as a 150 MB ISO.

On 11 March 2009, TinyMe's developer announced a split from PCLinuxOS.

On 3 February 2013, TinyMe's Developer KDulcimer announced that he was ceasing development on this distribution because "...I haven't found a base both stable and up to date enough to satisfy my requirements." [1]

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