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Tiny Software, a Silicon Valley [1]-based software company, founded in 1997, was acquired by Computer Associates in 2005. The company developed and marketed Tiny WinRoute, a popular personal firewall, later followed by Tiny Personal Firewall, which was based on it.

Tiny Personal Firewall[edit]

The first version of Tiny Personal Firewall was released on 26 July 2000.[2] The popularity of Tiny Personal Firewall stemmed from the fact that it was fairly easy to operate, had a very small hard-disk and memory footprint, and was free for home and personal use.[3] It was also superior to many similar products in that it monitored both outgoing and incoming connections (inexplicably, many competing personal firewalls watched only incoming traffic).

In February, 2002 the rights to the software was transferred to Kerio Technologies (formed in 2001),[4] where the original team who developed the software under the Tiny brand continued to develop it as Kerio.

Tiny Software continued to develop a software firewall solution called Tiny Firewall v6;[5] however, this product was not based on the original Tiny Personal Firewall. On December 17, 2004 it was announced that it would be released as Tiny Personal Firewall 2005.[6]

On June 27, 2005 Tiny Software was acquired by Computer Associates;[7] since then their CA Personal Firewall was promoted as being "based on Tiny Software technology".[8]


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