Tiny the Terrible

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Tiny the Terrible
Residence Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Tiny the Terrible
Billed height 4 ft 7 in (1.40 m)

Tiny the Terrible is an American wrestler, dwarf, actor and politician who is probably best known for being the subject of A Man Among Giants, a documentary film directed by Rod Webber. Tiny The Terrible was born Douglas Allen Tunstall Jr., is of African American descent, and is a Republican. He stands 4 feet 7 inches (1.40 m) tall, and after a career in wrestling, ran for mayor of Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 2006.[1]

A Man Among Giants[edit]

The film documents Tunstall's misadventures during his run for Mayor of Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 2006.[2] As a former WWE pro-wrestler, and toy store elf, Tiny, a self-described "ghetto republican" has a difficult time being taken seriously.[3] The fact that he is accused of having called in a threat to a local radio station doesn't help either. And yet, with the undying tenacity of the man, there is something bizarrely endearing about Tunstall. In the words of The Boston Globe, "He is afraid of no one and, in more lucid moments, he advocates for America’s have-nots in the heartfelt words of a guy who knows whereof he speaks." [1]

Wrestling career[edit]

In 1998, Tiny The Terrible defeated Half Nelson for the NWA World Midget's Championship.

Tiny has appeared on WWF Monday Night Raw under the stage name Cloacas.[4] Where he teamed with Viscera to take on Romeo of the Heartbreakers and Pocket Rocket in a winning effort.

Film & Television[edit]

Year Film Role Notes
2004 The Jerry Springer Show Self
2005 Monkfish Richy Deluca Feature - Directed by Rod Webber
WWF Monday Night Raw Cloacas
2008 A Man Among Giants Self Documentary - Directed by Rod Webber
2009 Virgil & Caesar Caesar Short - Directed by Rod Webber
American Psych Ward Self Documentary - Directed by Rod Webber
Nun Of That Public Defender Feature Directed by Richard Griffin

Pawtucket Election Aftermath[edit]

After the completion of the A Man Among Giants, Tiny was arrested for making threats to public officials. The film's director Rod Webber bailed Tunstall out of jail, and Tunstall was subsequently committed to a mental hospital.[5]


Tiny was interviewed by The New York Times at The 2004 Democratic National Convention. The Times quotes him as saying, "There hasn't been a platform yet that has gone for the midget vote,'Tiny, 36, wearing a red blazer, cowboy hat and basketball-sized gold medallion, barked to anyone who would listen, which was hardly anyone. He pledged that any candidate who promised to give people under 5 feet tall $1,200 a month would capture the dwarf demographic on Election Day." [6]

Championships and accomplishments[edit]


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