Tipolo, Mandaue

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Country Philippines
Region Central Visayas (Region VII)
Province Cebu
City Mandaue
District 6th District of Cebu
 • Brgy Captain  
Population (2015 census)[1]
 • Total 18,840
Time zone PST (UTC+8)
ZIP code 6014
IDD:area code +63 (0)32
PSGC 072230026

The Tipolo (Filipino: Barangay ng Tipolo, Cebuano: Barangay sa Tipolo) is a barangay in Mandaue, Philippines.

Tipolo is the second southernmost barangay of Mandaue. The first being Subangdaku which bounds Tipolo in the south and southwest. In the east it is bounded by The Mandaue Reclamation Area. In the north by barangay Guizo and in the northeast by Banilad, Mandaue.

Origin of Name[edit]

Barangay Tipolo was named after the Tipolo, or Antipolo, tree (Artocarpus blancoi). The tree related to breadfruit under the family Moraceae. These monstrous trees were once abundant in the area.[3]


On 7 April 1521, Ferdinand Magellan landed and founded a settlement in the "Cove of Cebu".[4] Five decades after the death of Ferdinand Magellan, Miguel López de Legazpi came back to the Philippines.[5] The year was 1565, upon reaching the Philippines, he established the country’s first dry-dock complex in the said cove.[5]

A few meters from the cove is a spring surrounded by trees of tipolo. People from other places flock to the spring to wash their clothes and take a bath. Close to the spring and in between the tipolo trees laid the old railway.

In the 1960s San Miguel Corporation was expanding its operations in Cebu province. Mandaue was picked the location of the new brewing complex. The complex was built in Tipolo due to its strategic location. The industrial complex was started in 1964 and inaugurated on 8 February 1968. The 27.1-hectare (67-acre) SMC complex occupied what used to be farmlands in Tipolo. Since then the brewery has been a landmark in the barangay and in the city of Mandaue.[5]

Mowadays, not a single tipolo tree can be found in the barangay. The spring has dried out. In the site of the spring passes a canal where the wastes from SMC flows. Above the canal is the Tipolo bridge. Connected to the bridge is a highway, M. C. Briones St., were the railway once laid.[3] The shores of Tipolo, the root of barangay Tipolo, is now gone. It was reclaimed in the late 1990s.



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