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"Tipperary" is the name of an Irish-oriented love song written in 1907 by Leo Curley, James M. Fulton and J. Fred Helf. It is not to be confused with the much better-known song from 1912, "It's a Long Way to Tipperary". Both were sung at different times by early recording star Billy Murray.

The full lyrics can be found at [1] and [2].


Faith, it's me that's nearly crazy
From me Tipperary daisy
All the day me heart's "un-aisy" [uneasy]
Sure, the thing I find
That's on me mind
Is the darlin' girl I left behind
Far off in dear old Tipperary.

The term "ferninst" which appears in the second verse is an old-fashioned expression meaning "beside" (as in "she sat ferninst me").

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