Tippmann 98 custom

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Tippmann 98 custom
Interfector in Combat 01.JPG
A woodsballer firing a 98C.
Barrel8.5 inches or 11 inches on custom pro model
Rate of firesemi-auto

The Tippmann 98 Custom, also called the 98C, 98 Custom, and simply the 98, is an open-bolt inline blowback marker designed especially for the sport of paintball. It is manufactured by the pneumatics company Tippmann. It is their most sold marker to date.

Features and specifications[edit]

  • Semi Automatic[1]
An 98C modified for marksmanship duties. With these particular modifications, the Tippmann 98C can theoretically achieve 4" groupings at 75 feet, an excellent figure for a paintball gun. This figure, however, is dependent on the barrel bore quality and paint to bore match.


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