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Tipraiti Tireach (136 — 187) spelled with numerous different variations such as Tibraite, Tipraite, Tiobraide, Thilbruidhe and Tiobradhe, was a Celtic legendary King of Ulster according to the Annals of the Four Masters.[1] The Annals also describes Tipraiti Tireach as the founder of Dál nAraidi.[2] He was the son of Mal, a High King of Ireland and a descendant of hero Conall Cernach. Part of the wide Milesian race with a lineage that traces back directly to Míl Espáine, whose son tradition holds, went to Ireland from Hispania in the Iberian Peninsula as part of the "Ulster Cycle".[3]

The Lebor Gabála and the Annals say Tipraiti Tireach defeated and slew Conn of the Hundred Battles, the High King of Ireland for thirty-five years, at the Battle of Tuath Amrois. Keating says Tipraiti sent fifty warriors dressed as women from Emain Macha to kill him at Tara.[4]


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