Tipsoo Lake

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Tipsoo Lake
Tipsoo Lake.jpg
LocationPierce County, Washington
Coordinates46°52′09″N 121°31′02″W / 46.8691°N 121.5173°W / 46.8691; -121.5173Coordinates: 46°52′09″N 121°31′02″W / 46.8691°N 121.5173°W / 46.8691; -121.5173
Typealpine lake
Surface elevation5,298 feet (1,615 m)

Tipsoo Lake, at an elevation of 5,298 feet (1,615 m) above sea level[1], is an alpine lake within the Northern Cascade Range near the summit of Chinook Pass in Pierce County, Washington.[2]

The area is popular with photographers as the shores and surrounding area abound with the vibrant yellow, orange and purple colors of huckleberry, lupine, Indian paintbrush, and Partridgefoot. There are several hiking trails near the lake that vary in degrees of difficulty and that have views of Mount Rainier, Yakima Peak, and the surrounding landscape.[3]


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