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Coconut plantation near Tiptur, Karnataka, India
Coconut Plantation near Tiptur
kalpataru naadu
Coordinates: 13°16′N 76°29′E / 13.26°N 76.48°E / 13.26; 76.48Coordinates: 13°16′N 76°29′E / 13.26°N 76.48°E / 13.26; 76.48
Country India
862 m (2,828 ft)
 • Total59,543
 • OfficialKannada
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
572201 ,02
Vehicle registrationKA-44

Tiptur is a taluk and the sub-divisional headquarters of Tumkur district in Karnataka.

Tiptur city is famous for its coconut plantations. One of the largest copra markets in Karnataka is located in Tiptur,with copra it is also famous for silk saree production.[citation needed]

Tiptur is the most developed taluk in Tumkur district[citation needed].


Tiptur is said to have got its name from "tipatala", the word for "copra" in the local language, Kannada. The name was probably derived from the industry which produces dried coconut in the areas surrounding the city.


Tiptur was historically a part of Honnavalli, a village headquarters located 10 miles northwest of Tiptur in Tumkur district. Honnavalli was the taluk headquarters until 1886[citation needed].

The history of the village dates back to eleventh century[citation needed]. It was built by the king Someswara Raaya, who belonged to the Harnahalli Nayak dynasty[citation needed]. Legend has it that Honnu Amma, the family deity of the Paalegaar, appeared in a dream and directed him to build a model village in her name. Even today 'Honnavalli Amma' is the village goddess.[2]


Tiptur is located approximately 73 km (45 mi) west of Tumkur along National Highway 206 (now renumbered as National Highway 48). It is at a distance of 141 km (88 mi) northwest[citation needed] from the state capital, Bangalore. It lies on the Bangalore-Miraj railway line.


Tiptur has an average elevation of 861 metres (2,825 ft). The average temperature in summer is 34 °C (93 °F) and in winter is 20 °C (68 °F).


Tiptur coconut plantation

Tiptur has an Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) market. Auctions are held every Wednesday and Saturday. Farmers from nearby taluks and villages and even as far as Channarayapatna town carry their copra produce to the market for auction. Several copra desiccated powder industries in and around Tiptur export their products to different parts of India and the world. Traders from Tiptur supply copra throughout the world.[3]

Civic administration[edit]

The Tiptur City Municipal Council (CMC) comprises 31 wards, with a councillor for each ward. The CMC covers an area of 11.6 km2[citation needed].

In the Tiptur CMC, the sex ratio of female personnel is 988, higher than the average in Karnataka state, which is 973.[citation needed]


According to the 2011 Census of India, Tiptur has a population of 59,543 inhabitants, of which 29,949 are male, 29,594 are female, and 5,911 children aged six years or younger[citation needed].

Child sex ratio in Tiptur is 947, marginally lower than the Karnataka state average of 948.[citation needed]

The literacy rate of Tiptur city is 88.30%, higher than the state average (75.36%). In Tiptur, the male literacy rate is 91.72%, while the female literacy rate is 84.86%.[citation needed]

Breakdown of population by religion, according to census data[citation needed]: Hindu 80.06%, Muslim 14.89%, Christian 0.67%, Sikh 0.04%, Buddhist 0.05%, Jain 0.48%, Not Stated 0.81%.


Coconut-Betelnut Plantation in Tiptur

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