Tir Planitia

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Tir Planitia
Tir Planitia m10 aom 8 10.gif
Mariner 10 image showing scarps in the southeast Tir Planitia region of Mercury. These scarps may be volcanic flow features or compressional faults. The frame is about 130 km across
Planet mercury
Coordinates 0°48′N 176°06′W / 0.8°N 176.1°W / 0.8; -176.1Coordinates: 0°48′N 176°06′W / 0.8°N 176.1°W / 0.8; -176.1
Eponym Persian word for Mercury

Tir Planitia is a large basin on Mercury. The name Tir (تیر) is the Persian word for Mercury.