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Tiran may refer to:


Personal name[edit]

First name / given name
  • Tiran of Armenia, a 4th-century AD king of Armenia
  • Tiran Alles, Sri Lankan businessmen, politician and MP
  • Tiran Nersoyan (1904–1989), Armenian Apostolic Church clergyman, Patriarch-elect of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem briefly in 1957-1958
  • Tiran Porter (born 1948), American bass and guitar player, vocalist and composer, member of The Doobie Brothers
Family name
  • Itay Tiran (born 1980), Israeli stage and screen actor
  • Virgil Tiran, Chicago-based American real estate developer
  • Irena Yebuah Tiran (born 1974), Slovenian mezzo-soprano opera singer of Ghana descent


  • Tiran tank, Israeli modification of T-54, T-55 and T-62 tanks

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