Tiris Zemmour Region

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Tiris Zemmour
ولاية تيرس زمور
Region of Mauritania
Tiris Zemmour in Mauritania.svg
Country  Mauritania
Capital Zouérat
 • Total 252,900 km2 (97,600 sq mi)
Population (2013 census)
 • Total 53,261
 • Density 0.21/km2 (0.55/sq mi)

Tiris Zemmour (Arabic: ولاية تيرس زمور‎‎) is the northern-most region of Mauritania. Its capital is Zouérat. Other major cities/towns include F'dérik and Bir Moghrein. The region borders Algeria to the north-east, Mali to east, the Mauritanian region of Adrar to the south and Western Sahara to west and north-west.

Departments of Tiris Zemmour

Tiris Zemmour is divided into 3 departments:

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Coordinates: 24°00′N 9°00′W / 24.000°N 9.000°W / 24.000; -9.000