Tirslund Rock

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Tirslund Rock

Tirslund Rock or Tirslundstenen is a granite boulder in Denmark. Deposited during the Ice age the Ice Age it lies 4 km west of Brørup. It is Jutland's largest granite boulder ant the second largest in Denmark [www.visitvejen.dk/archive/PDF/Visitvejen%202009.pdf]. Its height is 3.5 metres above the ground and it is 16 metres in circumference. The rock was put under protection in 1832.

According to the legend King Harald Bluetooth wanted use the Tirlund Rock as a memorial stone on his parents Gorm the Old and Thyra's burial mounds in Jelling. It was supposed to be transported on a great iron sled but as legend says enemies forced King Harrold to abandon this enterprise. So the stone was left where it stands and the iron sled is said still to exist buried along with great treasure deep in the ground [1]

In the late 18th century an attempt to blow up the stone was made by the local pastor but he managed only to blow a small piece off the top.

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Coordinates: 55°29′26″N 8°57′32″E / 55.4905°N 8.9590°E / 55.4905; 8.9590