Tiruchirappalli Fort railway station

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Tiruchirapalli Fort Railway Station
Tiruchirappalli Fort railway station is located in Tamil Nadu
Tiruchirappalli Fort railway station
Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Location Trichirapalli, India
Coordinates 10°49′29″N 78°41′20″E / 10.8248°N 78.6889°E / 10.8248; 78.6889Coordinates: 10°49′29″N 78°41′20″E / 10.8248°N 78.6889°E / 10.8248; 78.6889
Elevation 83m above MSL
Type Transportation
State Party  India

Tiruchirappalli Fort Railway Station is a Railway station which once served that citizens of the dilapidated fort of Old City of Trichy encompassing Big Bazaar Street, Singarathope, Bishop Heber School, Teppakulam and Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort. All that which remains now is a railway station with that name and Main Guard Gate along West Boulevard Road in the city of Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, India. Tiruchirapalli Fort Railway Station lies opposite the Main Guard Gate and Tiruchirapalli Town Station lies towards its Eastern Entrance.

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