Thirumohoor Kalamegaperumal Temple

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Tirumogoor Kalamegaperumal Temple
Tirumogoor Kalamegaperumal Temple is located in Tamil Nadu
Tirumogoor Kalamegaperumal Temple
Tirumogoor Kalamegaperumal Temple
Location in Tamil Nadu
Other names Thirumogur Temple
Proper name Thirumohoor Chakarathalwar Temple
Coordinates 9°57′3.69″N 78°12′25.56″E / 9.9510250°N 78.2071000°E / 9.9510250; 78.2071000Coordinates: 9°57′3.69″N 78°12′25.56″E / 9.9510250°N 78.2071000°E / 9.9510250; 78.2071000
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Madurai
Architectural styles Vastu Shastra
Tirumogoor at night.

Thirumohoor Kalamegaperumal Temple (also known as Thirumohoor or Tirumogoor temple) is a hindu temple near Melur, Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is one of the "108 divya desams", and is located 12 km north-east of Madurai. It is also known as Mohanapuram and Mohanakshetram. The temple is accessible by the town bus services available from Madurai.[1] Hisotory - Inscription from the temple - South Outer wall's inside - Archaeological report on Epigraphy - 330 of 1918 - and Tamil Nadu State Archaeology's Madurai District Inscriptions - Vol. I - page no. 229 - Sl. no. 141 of 2003 - identifies the builder of the temple as sri Kaala Maegam alias Kaangaeyan during the reign of Sadaiya Varman Sundhara Pandiyan (Later Pandiya king)in his regnal year 7 + 1 (i.e. after the 7th year was over and the eighth year was in progress) which is identified as AD 1259. This inscription besides identifying the above speaks of an endowment of ponds and adjoining areas duly specifying the boundaries of the land.


The temple is situated on a 2.5-acre (10,000 m2) land area, and has a 5 tier rajagopuram. The temple is more than 2000 years old and has been referred to in akanaṉūṟu, Padhitrupathu, maduraikanchi and also in one of the five great epics of Tamil literature, silappatikaram. There are four prakarams(closed precincts of a temple) inside the temple. The main deity (Moolavar) is Kalamegaperumal in panchayudha kolam and in a standing posture, Thayar - Mogavalli, Utsavar - Thirumogur Aabthan, Theertham - Kshirabtha Pushkarini, Thala Viruksham - Vilvam and Vimanam - Kethaki Vimanam. The Prathanasayana appearance of the main deity is not found anywhere in 108 divya desam temples. The Sudarshana Chakra of deity is famous.[2]

The legend[edit]

As the legend goes, when the devas were churning the ocean for Amrut, a drop of that Amrut is believed to have fallen into this temple tank and the lord appeared to the south of this tank.[citation needed]

Sudharshana Sannadhi[edit]

The front of the Sudarshana Chakra is Chakrathazhvar and the back side is Narasingha Perumal, situated amidst 48 fairies and inside the six circles there are 16 aayuthams with 154 letters. Perumal is depicted with 16 hands and three eyes glowing like fire. The image of Chakrathazwhar (Sudarsana) in the temple is depicted with sixteen hands each holding different weapons. On the reverse side of the image, Narsimha is depicted.[3]


Nammazhvar and Thirumangaiazhvar have sung the mangalaasaasanams for the deity here.


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