Tishomingo Blues

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"Tishomingo Blues"
Tishomingo Blues cover.png
Sheet music, 1917
Language English
Published New York: Jos. W. Stern & Co. (January 1917)
Songwriter(s) Spencer Williams

"Tishomingo Blues" is a famous tune and song by Spencer Williams. The tune was first published in 1917. The title refers to Tishomingo, Mississippi.

The song was first recorded in 1928 by Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra. It became a jazz standard, and continues to be performed and recorded into the 21st century. Listeners of National Public Radio are familiar with the music, which has been adapted with different lyrics as the theme song of A Prairie Home Companion.


First verse

Oh Mississippi, oh Mississippi
My heart cries out for you in sadness
I want to be where the wintry winds don't blow
Down where the southern moon swings low
That's where I want to go


I'm goin' to Tishomingo, because I'm sad today
I wish to linger way down old Dixie way
Oh, my weary heart cries out in pain
Oh, how I wish that I was back again
With a race, in a place
Where they make you welcome all the time
Way down in Mississippi, among the cypress trees
They get you dippy, with their strange melodies
To resist temptation, I just can't refuse
In Tishomingo I wish to linger
Where they play the weary blues

Second verse

Tonight I'm prayin', tonight I'm sayin'
Oh Lord please take the train that takes me
To Tishomingo, 'way down old Dixie way
Where southern folks are always gay
That's why you hear me say
I'm goin' to Tishomingo

(Repeat Chorus)