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Founder(s)Tishreen Organization for Press and Publishing
PublisherAl Wahda institution
Editor-in-chiefSamira Al Masalmeh
Founded1975; 43 years ago (1975)
Political alignmentBa'athism
Sister newspapersSyria Times
Al Thawra

Tishreen (in Arabic تشرين meaning October) is one of the state-owned Arabic daily newspapers published in Syria.[1][2] The daily is based in Damascus.[3]

History and profile[edit]

Tishreen was first published in October 1975[4] in addition to two other state-owned dailies, namely Al Baath and Al Thawra, which were launched earlier.[5][6] The daily was named after Arab-Israeli war in October 1973.[5][7] Tishreen Organization for Press and Publishing is the former publisher of the daily.[5] Tishreen Organization also published Syria Times, a defunct English daily and a current e-newspaper.[5] Later Al Wahda institution became the publisher of both publications in addition to Al Thawra.[8]

In 1997, Tishreen launched its website.[9] The 1992 circulation of the paper was 75,000 copies.[3] Daily circulation of Tishreen was nearly 60,000 in the mid-2000s.[5] The paper's online version was the 48ht most visited website for 2010 in the MENA region.[10]

Although the daily is owned by the state, it has a critical stance on local news, especially in regard to corruption and mismanagement.[11] By 2004 the paper became a platform to support for the charities in the country along with Al Thawra.[12]

Mohammad Kheir Al Wadi served as the editor-in-chief of Tishreen.[13] The current editor-in-chief is Samira Al Masalmeh who was appointed to the post in January 2012.[14] She is the first female editor-in-chief in the country.[14] Tishreen also has an English news portal, Syria Millennium, which is accessed through its website.[15]


Mohammad Kheir Al Wadi, then editor-in-chief, wrote in January 2000 "Zionism created the Holocaust myth to blackmail and terrorize the world's intellectuals and politicians."[13]


The website of Tishreen was hacked by unknown groups in late April 2011.[16] In December 2012, Naji Assaad, a journalist for the daily, was assassinated in Damascus allegedly by opposition forces who have been fighting against the Assad government in the country since 2011.[17]

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