Tislit lake

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Lake Tislit
Lake Tislit
LocationHaut Atlas Oriental National Park, Morocco
Coordinates32°11′N 5°38′W / 32.183°N 5.633°W / 32.183; -5.633Coordinates: 32°11′N 5°38′W / 32.183°N 5.633°W / 32.183; -5.633
Lake typeMeromictic lake
Basin countriesMorocco
Surface area1.3 km2 (0.50 sq mi)[1]
Average depth16 m (52 ft)[1]
Surface elevation2,119 m (6,952 ft)
Official nameLacs Isly-Tislite
Designated15 January 2005
Reference no.1480[2]

Lake Tislit is a lake located in Morocco's Haut Atlas Oriental National Park, in the administrative division of Imilchil. This is an "agdal" (which means "proprietary grazing field" in the Berber language) where the tribes of Ayt Ḥdiddu lead their flocks during the summer. The lake has been designated as a protected Ramsar site since 2005.[2]

Every year in September, a significant festival is held at the lake.


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