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A Tisséo subway station
Tisséo bus serigraphy (2013-2016), now replaced by grey design
Tisséo tramway system

Tisséo is the brand adopted in 2002 for the transport network of Toulouse, under the authority of the Syndicat mixte des transports en commun (SMTC).

Tisséo operates two metro lines, two tramway line, and hundred bus and shuttle services (bus, mobibus, TAD), with an unified magnetic ticketing and RFID card system.[1]

The position and live schedules of all bus, subway trains and trams are available on the website and Tisséo app.


Opened in 1993, the Tisséo metro has two lines, fully automated.

Subway access requires a magnetic ticket or an RFID card, usable both on metro networks, bus, tramway and TAD (on-demand bus).

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